Raid Composition Can Affect Your Stat Priority

I had an interesting conversation with Lodur on Twitter about how your personal raid composition can heavily influence your personal stat priority. In his case, he said that depending on how many Restoration Druids are present in your raid, Restoration Shamans might consider Haste over Mastery after the Haste Soft Cap. It got me thinking. Does this same theory apply to Priests?

For you to understand how your raid composition can affect you, you must first understand how other healers function. Restoration Druids in particular can heavily affect how you should gem/enchant due to their HoT-style of healing. They primarily lack any “burst” healing, but make up for it with healing spells that can greatly stabilize the raid over time.

Holy Priests:

This can cause an issue for Holy Priests who stack Mastery in 25’s. In my particular case, we usually run with 3 Restoration Druids (they are extremely popular in my guild, just ask Lissanna). With this many Druids, our raid’s health bars are usually more stable for most of the fight and it seems less bursty due to HoTs continually rolling.  With raider health bars being more stable and because of Echo of Light’s HoT-type of healing effect, a lot of over-healing can occur which causes the Mastery stat to be wasted.

In a raid with this many Druids, Haste would be a more beneficial stat. Getting your big, bursty heals off sooner would be more beneficial than a lingering HoT that has a greater chance of over-healing. It gives you more throughput with less over-heal, which is what most healers strive for.

Discipline Priests:

Depending on your roll in the raid, Druids can affect your stat priority as well. It is general knowledge that Disc Priests favor Crit, Haste, and Mastery fairly equally without one significantly outclassing the other. However, I believe Mastery becomes a stronger stat with a more HoT-based healing team. Disc Priests and Druids/Shamans have a very good synergy with each other. This is mainly due to the heavy mitigation abilities of the Priest that causes less over-healing for the Druid/Shaman. Mitigating future damage rather than healing it lets Druid/Shaman HoTs tick for their full potential rather than over-healing, benefiting both healers to their full potential.

So take a look at your raid team. If you’re running with a Druid Bonanza, you might want to rethink your stat priority. It wouldn’t be mandatory, but if you want to heal at your full potential then it should be heavily considered.