Is Blizzard Out of Touch with their Subscribers?

What is Blizzard thinking?

It’s one of the questions I’ve been pondering now for the past few weeks. It’s a valid question to ask. Blizzard has lost almost 1 million subscribers since Cataclysm has launched. Multiply that by $15 per month (a rough guesstimate). That’s about 90 million lost in a 6 month period. 90 MILLION.

You can’t sit here and claim Blizzard isn’t panicking. That’s a lot money to lose in a 6-month period of time and it will only increase as time goes on.

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A Change of Pace

As you may have already noticed, things are looking a bit different around here. I took some time yesterday to overhaul a few pictures including my banner to reflect a recent change that has taken place: I changed my main raider to my Druid.

Before we start assuming things, let me make one thing clear: I still love my Priest. Ever since BC, the Priest class has been my favorite class in WoW. I enjoyed spamming Flash Heal, Power Word: Shield, and Renew in Wrath. Even now in Cataclysm, I enjoy the Priest’s way of healing over any other healer.

So why did I switch to playing a Druid? Continue reading