We are recruiting!

Undying Resolution, an Alliance guild on Elune-US is recruiting! We are currently 5/7 for our 10-man and 4/7 on 25-man. Our 10-man team raids from 8pm-11pm EST on Monday and Tuesday. Our 25-man team raids from 8pm-11pm EST on Wednesday and Thursday. We also have many members who enjoy the PvP aspects of WoW such as Arena and Rated Battlegrounds.

We emphasize having fun while still progressing in our raids. We are looking for more mature & relaxed players, since we raid on a schedule with reduced time commitments, and we understand that people have lives outside the game.

We are currently looking for:

Tanks- We prefer a tank/DPS hybrid. All exceptional applications will be considered.

DPS- Both ranged and melee of all classes and specializations will be considered.

Healers- Restoration Shaman, but exceptional applications of other classes will be considered.

Please apply at www.undyingresolution.com.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Twitter or make an alt and send me an in-game message to Juvenate/Alliance/Elune-US.