Make Way for the Heathers! The Week of Blizzcon is Here!

As many of you already know, I am attending Blizzcon this year! I have a better idea of what I will be doing when I’m there so I figured I should throw my schedule out there for anyone who’s in the area as well.

Wednesday 10/19

I will be waking up at the butt-crack of dawn and start my lonely drive down to the LA area. I live in Sacramento so it’s about a 6-6 1/2 hour drive. I have Double Stuft Oreo’s to tie me over for the trip!

Objectives: Check into the hotel before LA traffic hits.

I’ll be staying at the Doubletree Anaheim Hotel if anyone is wondering. It’s just a few short blocks from the convention center and it luckily offers a free shuttle. Later that night I might be going out to dinner with my fellow guildmates: Lissanna from Restokin and her husband Mike from Malchome’s Mind on Gaming.

Thursday 10/20

I’ll be taking my time getting up today. Most of the things I’ll be doing won’t be until the afternoon. If anyone wants to meet for a morning Starbucks run just hit me up on Twitter!

Objectives: Locate and secure both a bossy pally and a tall, loud redhead and bring them back to base. The Heathers will then make our way to the WoW Insider/Wowhead meet-up located at the Anabella Hotel.

I’m gonna do my best not to drink too much. I don’t want many of the people that I know through the WoW Twitter community to think “Omg Juvenate is a hot sloppy mess.” I’d like to still be able to hold a conversation with people and form coherent sentences.

Friday 10/21

First day of Blizzcon! I will probably try to hang out with Lissanna and Mike while we are at the convention center because they seem to have a much better idea of what to attend than I do! I will also be making another morning Starbucks run if anyone is interested!

Objectives: Attend the first day of Blizzcon. Later, meet fellow bloggers and WoW players at the Twisted Nether meet-up located at Bar Louie.

Saturday 10/22

Second and last day of Blizzcon! Again, Lissanna and Mike will have a much better schedule than I could ever put together! I will again be making an early Starbucks run.

Objectives: Attend final day and closing ceremonies at Blizzcon. Later, possibly attend the unofficial Blizzcon after-party in the Hilton lobby. There will supposedly be a party on the pool deck but apparently you have to be a guest to go inside. So instead, I’ll be hanging out in the lobby/bar area and hopefully you will too!

Sunday 10/23

Pack-up and say goodbye! I have a 6 hour drive ahead of me, so I’ll be waking up early and heading out ASAP!

I will be tweeting nearly non-stop while I’m in Anaheim. Feel free to shoot me a DM if you want to meet-up somewhere!


PTR 4.3: Tranquility vs. Divine Hymn

There has been a ton of talk about how the new and improved Divine Hymn stacks up against Tranquility in the healing community. I figured this post was needed so everyone has an idea of how powerful both abilities are against one another. Continue reading

Fun with Search Engine Terms Challenge

Anyone who has a blog usually has access to a “Site Stats” page which gives you a run-down of information such as referrals, link clicks, and search engine terms that refer your site. I recently went through my search engine terms and thought that if these are things people want to know then why not answer them? Not all of the terms pertain to what I blog about, but I figure I can at least steer people in the right direction.

The Challenge: Pick your top 10 search engine terms and do your best to answer them or at least steer your readers in the right direction via a link or some other means. If information just hasn’t been released on the topic, it’s perfectly fine to lets your readers know that the information hasn’t been released yet. Continue reading

Druid + Worgen Fashion

Amen, on the runway,
Dressed in his best.
Amen fashion, on the runway,
Work it Black Jesus.
Amen, on the runway,
Dressed in his best.
Amen fashion, on the runway,
Work it Black Jesus.

-Lady Gaga

I’ve already went over some cool fashion looks for Priests for the new Transmogrification feature that will be available in 4.3. Today, we’ll take a look at 5 Druid raid tier sets from Vanilla and BC. Continue reading

World of Warcraft: A Disney Perspective

It all started with this simple tweet on Twitter.

Of course this is just me QQing about the current content not being interesting enough. Of course this caused Leetsauced to say this:

Which caused me to reply:

I won’t bore you with the rest. Let’s just say I went through almost the entire song by the time I got an idea for this blog post.

Essentially, I wanted to see if any classic Disney songs could be applied to any aspect of WoW, be it a race, faction, zone, event, or lore. And since I got the idea from Twitter, I decided to ask my followers for ideas. I got a lot of feedback (from one person in particular) and I went ahead and listed the ideas and songs that would match. Enjoy! Continue reading

Patch 4.3 Wish List for Healers

With the release of Patch 4.2.2 on the PTR it’s safe to assume that we will be seeing Patch 4.3 on the PTR within the next few weeks. Blizzard has gone ahead to state that 4.3 will be the LARGEST content patch for the Cataclysm expansion.

So, with Patch 4.3 upon us I decided to turn to the healing community and see what they would like to see changed/tweaked about their healing class or spec. And what better way than Twitter? Continue reading