Mists of Pandaria: Talent Preview for Restoration Druids

Just like my recent Priest talent review, I’ll be going over the current talents for Druids and will be looking at them from a Restoration point of view. Be aware that these talents are in no way permanent and could be changed at any time. Continue reading


PTR 4.3: Tranquility vs. Divine Hymn

There has been a ton of talk about how the new and improved Divine Hymn stacks up against Tranquility in the healing community. I figured this post was needed so everyone has an idea of how powerful both abilities are against one another. Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Healing Baleroc

Baleroc is a healing nightmare. My guild has gotten him down…….twice on 25-man now. The flow of the 25-man attempts are much more complicated due to the addition of an extra crystal. Rather than 6 or 7 people being responsible for crystal tanking and Vital Spark management, you have about 20 in 25-man. Continue reading

Making the most of Efflorescence

One thing I’ve enjoyed since the change is having the ability to make a dent in health bars while the raid is grouped up. This is originally coming from a class that, for the longest time, had a fairly weak healing ground effect. In fact, it was so weak that you got laughed at on the forums for even suggesting it’s uses since it’s HpM was so low. Of course, Holy Word: Sanctuary has been “stealth buffed” for a while now to where it ignores the 6 people or more rule. It’s still somewhat lackluster, but it’s a major improvement and brings it’s output closer to other healing ground effects.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that each healer’s “AoE heal” has a weakness of some sort. Overcoming that weakness is what can really separate an “ok” healer from an exceptional one. Continue reading