Mists of Pandaria: Talent Preview for Restoration Druids

Just like my recent Priest talent review, I’ll be going over the current talents for Druids and will be looking at them from a Restoration point of view. Be aware that these talents are in no way permanent and could be changed at any time.

Tier 1: Mobility

Tier 1 is about mobility. Mobility is important in both PvE and PvP. It can keep you alive longer and can even increase your output in varying situations.

Feline Swiftness- This talent has been tweaked from the Live version. It now increases your movement speed by a flat 10% no matter what form you are in. You will reap an extra 20% movement increase while in Cat form.

Displacer Beast- This spell is cross between a Mage’s Blink and Invisibility spells. It teleports you in a random direction and automatically puts you into Cat form under Stealth for 10 seconds. The big thing is that it purges all DoTs off of you so Stealth won’t be broken. This can be a great “get away” spell for PvP and soloing.

Tireless Pursuit- This ability removes snares/roots and increases your movement speed by 70%. It activates Cat form.

Out of the 3: For PvE, I would take Feline Swiftness for the flat 10% movement increase in all forms. Displacer Beast is more of a PvP ability that likely won’t see much use in raids. Tireless Pursuit is useful in PvE and PvP, but only in certain situations.

Tier 2: Survival

Tier 2 is about Survival. Staying alive is essential for PvE and PvP because we all know you can’t heal anything if you’re dead.

Nature’s Swiftness- This talent has been tweaked a bit from the current Live version. It’s no longer “any nature spell,” but a specific list of spells. A plus is that it’s now usable in ALL forms.

Renewal- This spell is essentially a copy of a Priest’s Desperate Prayer. It’s a very powerful self cooldown.

Cenarion Ward- This spell is similar to the current Living Seed talent in the Restoration tree, but rather than being a direct heal it is a HoT. I actually really like the idea of this spell and I think it has the potential to be much more viable than Living Seed ever was.

Out of the 3- Nature’s Swiftness will still be PvE/PvP neutral. It doesn’t get a lot of use right now and at this point it might not change in the future. Renewal is a powerful self cooldown. I see many Druids picking it up for PvP. Cenarion Ward has a lot of potential. We still have limited information on how powerful it really is, but I have a feeling many Druids will pick this up for PvE.

Tier 3: Control

Tier 3 is about Control. Control is important for PvE and PvP. So far, Druids will still have access to Cyclone and Entangled Roots, but we can now pick up a 3rd option from our talents.

Faerie Swarm- This is a more powerful version of Faerie Fire. Not only does it reduce a target’s armor, but it also reduces their movement speed by 50%. This is a pretty powerful PvP kiting talent. If you choose this talent, you will no longer have access to Faerie Fire. I am assuming Faerie Fire will go unchanged for now.

Mass Entanglement- It’s essentially an AoE Entangled Roots that doesn’t last for as long. It looks pretty attractive for large battlegrounds and PvP.

Typhoon- That’s right folks, Bearphoon and Catphoon are here! I have to admit that the idea of Bearphoon and Catphoon has me giggling. I think it’s nice that Resto also has the option for a knockback. Also, it was Lissanna over at Restokin that came up with the creative names!

Out of the 3- Faerie Swarm has a lot of potential for PvP. Being able to put a movement debuff on the target from a range is very powerful. I see Mass Entanglement being useful in PvE and PvP depending on the fights and situations. Treephoon (see what I did there?) will see more usefulness in PvP, but depending on the boss fight it might prove useful in PvE as well.

Tier 4: Cooldowns

Tier 4 is about cooldowns that increase your damage/healing. In our case healing is what we are looking at.

Wild Charge- This is sort of a reverse Leap of Faith spell that can be used to get yourself out of a tight spot as long as you are in caster form. We won’t have access to Moonkin, but the Bear form charge could be nice for some PvP CC.

Incarnation- This is what Restoration Druids talent into if they want Tree of Life form. It looks as tho the actual talent is unchanged from Live right now.

Force of Nature- Yay trees! All Druids will have access to Treants and each spec will get their own version of Treant abilities. It’s likely that Resto Druids will see some type of healing from our Treants. While this might sound cool, we have to remember that the Treants are competing with Tree of Life form which has been a staple and powerful Resto talent for a long time. Blizzard would need to make FoN a powerful healing cooldown to compete with ToL form. Relying on pets for a major HpS cooldown can have major consequences.

Out of the 3- Currently I would take Incarnation for Tree of Life. Seeing as I don’t use Leap of Faith that often with my Priest, I have a feeling Wild Charge will be thrown on the back-burner for Resto as well. Force of Nature might sound good, but we need more information about the type of healing they do to make a sound judgement call. Plus, relying on a (sometimes derpy) pet for healing output has me a bit worried.

Tier 5: Moar Control

Tier 5 offers more Control for Druids. We currently are getting quite a few options for CC.

Demoralizing Roar- It’s Live iteration reduces physical damage caused by enemies by 10%. It has been redesigned to be an AoE disorient ability.

Ursol’s Vortex- This seems to be like an AoE Deathgrip with a shorter yard range. It seems great for Bear and Cat control.

Bear Hug- Love the name. Why wouldn’t you want a Bear Hug? This ability stuns the target and does a DoT to them based on your current health. It activates Bear form.

Out of the 3- I’m actually a little depressed about this tier. Most of the abilities cater to Bears/Cats and the one ability that doesn’t require a form brings enemies to you which isn’t something you’d want as a healer. As of now, I’d probably go for Demoralizing Roar because the AoE Disorient could get you out of a tight spot. Other than that Tier 5 is lackluster for Trees.

Tier 6: Utility

Tier 6 is about Utility. It’s about being versatile in your role and stepping into another role when things go hairy. You also have a nice PvP option as well.

Heart of the Wild- I see this talent being fairly controversial for Druids. While we are a hybrid class, we usually get brought into a raid for a specific purpose. Being able to switch into a different role is nice, but there’s also the chance of Druids turning into the “jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none” role. Other healing classes have abilities in the 6th tier that further augment their primary role in the raid while Druids get abilities that would turn them into a different role for 45 seconds. I don’t see how this talent could possibly make it to Live.

Master Shapeshifter- Pretty lackluster for Trees. We really can’t spare any global cooldowns or time shape-shifting to a different form for a temporary buff. I’m gonna assume that the tooltip is currently unfinished because it doesn’t augment our healing or secondary stat that affects our healing. So far I’m unimpressed with this talent and I expect it will change throughout Alpha and Beta testing.

Disentanglement- Secretly all Feral PvP Druids are screaming out in joy at getting their signature escape ability back. This will probably be the Resto PvP talent of choice mainly because Resto survivability depends on high mobility.

Out of the 3- Disentanglement by far our best choice at the moment and even that is lackluster and situational for PvE. I expect Tier 6 (with the exception of Disentanglement) to go through another complete redesign.

For more information on class changes and abilities, head over to Wowhead News!


4 thoughts on “Mists of Pandaria: Talent Preview for Restoration Druids

  1. Overall, I’m pretty underwhelmed by the talents for resto druids compared to other classes. It feels like the more hybrid the class can be, the worse the talents are currently.

    I like the class being hybrid overall, but I don’t want the class to be hybrid DURING a single fight.

    • I completely agree and I expect that Tier 5 and 6 will especially go through some redesigns.
      I know that if I want to DPS as Moonkin, I don’t want to talent into something that improves my healing. The same goes for Tree and damage. Giving us hybrid abilities doesn’t help improve what our roles are in the raid and it can even cause Druids to fall behind other healers.

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  3. @Kalette: I understand what you mean, but that is what means to be a Druid. That is the idea behind Druids in every piece of lore and literature out there, so we have to accept that we are a hybrid class. Although, I will have to agree that it does need work for gameplay. We need a stronger single spec that we play 90% of the time, and in any other form we shift to, should not be equal, but the problem is, we still gain abilities from those specs.

    Do we want to be able to spec into something for main, and have no access to the abilities from other specs? How would that work if we shifted? What would be the point behind shifting at all? I can’t imagine how Blizzard can work around a problem like this. Some spells, even if they aren’t from our main spec, are vital to how we play it. I can’t imagine not having something like Nature’s Grace, even though it’s from the Moonkin spec.

    Indeed, Blizzard could rework the talent tree where you can decide if you want more dps spells over healing spells etc, but it could really hurt what fun there is left in being a hybrid class.

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