Ragnaros Down- A Bitter-Sweet Kill

My guild killed Ragnaros 10-man on Sunday on the second pull. We have been working on him for about 2 weeks prior to the recent 4.3 nerfs. We weren’t that far off, but we had only seen phase 3 once prior to our kill.

It was bitter-sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy we downed him, but it just didn’t seem as great as the time we downed Nefarian. We had only seen P3 once prior to our kill and believe me our P3 was extremely sloppy. 2 people died from lava waves. I died from a meteor. Another DpS died from a meteor. Then a tank died.

Over half the raid was dead and we still killed him. We all just kinda sat there until someone said “so that’s it huh?” over Vent. No one was as nearly excited as the time we downed Nefarian pre-nerf. There were no “FUCK YEAH!’s” in guild chat. The feeling of accomplishment just wasn’t there.

Overall, I’m happy that Ragnaros is dead (hopefully permanently this time), but I’m unhappy that Blizz had to hold my hand to do it.


11 thoughts on “Ragnaros Down- A Bitter-Sweet Kill

  1. I feel for you, as our guild is in exactly the same boat. It’s becoming hard to muster up the enthusiasm to finish out the Tier now that these rather invasive nerfs have been implemented. Of course, I’ve made my feelings very clear on this on my own blog. 🙂

    Regardless of the nerfs, getting 7 of 7 is still excellent, and congratulations are in order!

    • Thanks! We are happy he is dead and he drops some very sweet lootz. The enthusiasm for the kill was extremely lacking though. We were so excited when we downed Nefarian before 4.2 debuted. That same excitement just wasn’t there this time.

  2. The nerfs have led me to feel as if we just aren’t ready for heroic Ragnaros. Sure, we may be able to handle the mechanics, etc., but as far as the raw HPS/DPS requirements, I am not so confident. We were 3/7HM pre-nerf, with Alysrazor down to 8%. But we also have had to replace and gear people, so not everyone is 380+ ilevel equipped.

    We’ll still take a crack at him (so far, we’ve reached Phase 2 consistently), but man, he hits extremely hard. 😦 Also, I wish we had a prot paladin so I could boomkin for the AoE.

    • I probably won’t ever see Heroic Ragnaros and I’m OK with that. Normal modes were challenging enough for me. I’m happy he is down, but as Fannon pointed out on his blog, there will always be a little * next to that kill.

  3. We had the exact same thing happen in my warrior’s raid. Before the nerfs we had only come to see him go down to 43%, and after the nerfs we downed him on our third try. With one hour of raid time left on our first day. All I could utter when the loot chest appeared was “Huh!” Later I laughed hard when I realized that the only dead person was the other tank, due to the rogue kiting the meteor into him. It’s the small things in life … *evil grin*
    As you yourself, I was happy we got him down, but there were no exhilarating cries on Vent or messages in the guild chat. I guess we all thought: “Had we had just ONE more week…”

    All that aside: congratulations on your Ragnaros kill, and I hope your raid group is more thrilled to see the heroics than mine.

    • Thank you!
      The challenge has been stripped from Ragnaros. I think the nerfs went too far. There’s definitely still a learning curve, but most guilds will be able to get him down within a day or so.
      I would have liked an ICC type nerf/buff brought in instead of a flat nerf in 1 week. 😦

  4. What you just described was our guild’s thoughts exactly. Like you, we had been working on Ragnaros before the nerfs, and the one-week notice didn’t give us enough time to get him down before he was nerfed to hell. When we killed him, there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm and satisfaction. No one was really proud of the kill. For us, Firelands ended with us at 6/7. We’ll see how Dragon Soul goes.

    • Ragnaros still takes some coordination, but he’s not NEARLY as tough as he was. Transitions that we previously had to Tranq/Barrier through have been shot to hell and are basically laughable now. It seems you guys know exactly what a post-nerf Rag kill feels like. It makes me a sad panda.

  5. I hear ya. We were kinda slow on T11, so all my end-boss kills (Al’Akir, Nefarian, Cho’gall) were post-4.2. They just felt pretty empty about it, which sucked, because we definitely could have done them without the nerfs. I stopped playing before we got more than Shannox down in Firelands, but my guild was 6/7 pre-nerf as well… I’d only imagine if they do get Rag down, it might be the same. And it sucks, not even having the option to “un-nerf” it (a la ICC).

    • Our guild was so proud of our pre-nerf Nefarian kill. It was such a hard fight and everything had to be executed perfectly. Our Ragnaros kill will forever have a * on it.

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