A 5-Day Blizz-cation!

Blizzcon is a little over 1 month away and I can’t tell you all just how excited I am. It’s my first “Con” ever. That’s right, I’m a “Con-esque virgin.” I’ve never been to one before. And what better way to start than to go to one of the biggest gaming events in the country?

First off, I have to say that meeting people who I raid with, tweet with, or just a fellow blogger is a bit scary for me. While many people have gauged my personality through Twitter or my blog, real life can definitely change one’s opinion of you and that’s probably what I’m most afraid of. I don’t want to come back on Sunday and realize my followers just dropped by 100 or something because of something I might say or some idiotic thing I might do. I know it’s unlikely, but the fear is there for me and it’s real.

So with that being said, I will say this right now: IF I DO ANYTHING STUPID OR IDIOTIC I AM APOLOGIZING IN ADVANCE. Of course I will be on my best behavior, but when I get more comfortable with people I tend to joke about things that some people may not be comfortable with.

The plan for my trip is to leave on Wednesday the 19th. I live in Sacramento, so realistically the most economical way to get there would be to drive for 6 hours. Not only would I save about $80 off a plane ticket, but I wouldn’t have to rent a car or pay for taxis while I’m there either. I’ve made the trek many times before, so it’s not too bad for me.

My Plan:

Wednesday- Leave around 9am from Sacramento. It takes about 6-6 1/2 hours to drive down to Anaheim depending on traffic.  I’d like to arrive around 3-4pm and get settled into my room. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day vegging out or I may meander over to the shopping mall that’s across the street from my hotel. This is a raid night for me, but I don’t think I’ll trust in the hotel’s wireless connection. Also, it will likely cost $10.99 for it and I’d rather just take the week off from raiding.

Thursday- This is my shopping/sight-seeing day. I want to get everything I want to do in the area done before 5pm. This is also the day that I’m expecting Oestrus and Ophelie to be checking in. At 5pm, the WoW Insider meetup begins. I will stay until it closes and I hope to meet a TON of bloggers/Twitterers/WoW players there! I also hope to see everyone’s favorite and my Healing Lead, the one-and-only Restokin!

Friday- Blizzcon begins. I will spend most of my time there, but it honestly depends on how interested I am in non-WoW related things. Also, I’d like to see if there was another WoW meetup tonight that I’d like to attend.

Saturday- Blizzcon wraps-up. Again, I’d like to attend another WoW outing or meetup at night some time.

Sunday- Pack up and say goodbye to Blizzcon! I should be home hopefully around 4-5pm that night.

Some meetups I’d like to attend if they are occuring:

  • Curse.com meetup- Not sure if there is one, but I’d love to go if possible.
  • Twisted Nether Podcast meetup

If any of you have any info on times/locations of these events (or if they are even happening) I’d love to go!

I haven’t really gotten a hold of all the times/dates of the events I would like to attend outside of Blizzcon, so if anyone has any suggestions of anything that I don’t already list feel free to leave a comment about it!


7 thoughts on “A 5-Day Blizz-cation!

  1. Hi there!

    This is going to be my fifth(!!) Blizzcon! Remember on Thursday is the day you’ll be going to pick up your swag bag and entry stuff so make sure to either line up early for that or go a bit later. For example, the WoW Insider thing starts at 5 but chances are you won’t be able to make it over there until a bit past five, depending when you manage to pickup your ticket.

    There is a Curse.com “VIP” party. As far as I know this year they changed the format a bit. I think Curse Premium members can get in, and a limited number of free Curse members will randomly get an email to be able to get in. The past years they usually just had staff members handing out, at random, pieces of paper that you needed to gain entry. Not sure if they’ll be doing that as well this year.

    The Twisted Nether Podcast meetup is on Friday night. They are at a bigger venue this year, thank God. I’m sure there’ll be others that night as well.

    Saturday during the day you’ll notice that a lot of the panels (for WoW) are repeats from the Friday. The big thing is usually an hour long open Q&A session. After the closing ceremonies, there’s an after party at the Hilton. There’s the “official unofficial” after party, but as of last year you need to be a guest at the Hilton to be able to get into it (they have it on the Pool deck). They were even turning down Blizzard employees! But you can still drink and mingle amongst fellow congoers at the lobby bar there.

    • Thanks for the info Entropia!
      I’ll definitely want to attend the Twisted Nether meetup for sure. Maybe I can track down Beruthial for some times of the event.
      As for the “after-party” I wonder if they will let me in since I’m staying at the Doubletree, which is actually a Hilton property. Or maybe since I’m a Hilton employee, I can get them to “sneak” me in!

  2. We will be in earlier in the day on Wednesday than you will be, we could even meet up for dinner, our schedule is a bit open at the moment. Lissanna has a bunch of plans but no schedule made yet. Too many potential commitments and not time.

  3. This is my first BlizzCon too!

    I’m really excited about meeting the people I talk to on a daily basis on Twitter (and guildies of course). I’m getting in on the Thursday, and after we’re settled I think our first stop is the WoWInsider Party. Unfortunately on Saturday I won’t be able to stay up too late since the flight on Sunday is preeeeetttyyy early 😦

    I think I’m more excited to meet people than I am about the actual ‘con >.>

    • When I lived in So Cal, I actually didn’t attend the ‘con one year. I just went to meet up with people that weekend.

      The year I did actually get Blizzcon tickets, I got more out of meeting up with people than the actual convention. 🙂

  4. I wish i could go. But no money again this year. Still i’ll be watching the whole thing via stream. I wish you good luck and have lots of fun in your first time there. I hope you meet many of your followers, guildies, and friends. And that your friendships grow as big as the world itself.

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