Fun with Search Engine Terms Challenge

Anyone who has a blog usually has access to a “Site Stats” page which gives you a run-down of information such as referrals, link clicks, and search engine terms that refer your site. I recently went through my search engine terms and thought that if these are things people want to know then why not answer them? Not all of the terms pertain to what I blog about, but I figure I can at least steer people in the right direction.

The Challenge: Pick your top 10 search engine terms and do your best to answer them or at least steer your readers in the right direction via a link or some other means. If information just hasn’t been released on the topic, it’s perfectly fine to lets your readers know that the information hasn’t been released yet.

1. “Holy Paladin 4.3”

I find this interesting mainly because my blog doesn’t center around Holy Paladins. Unfortunately, anything pertaining to 4.3 hasn’t been released yet, so we don’t know what the patch entails. However, I would encourage any Holy Paladin to take a look at Kurn’s Corner, a blog centered around Holy Paladin raiding. She has a ton of info to provide and is always up-to-date on everything Holy Pally.

2. “level 85 priest solo bc dungeons”

An easy one to answer. Priests at level 85 should be able to solo all BC dungeons, even Heroic ones. Shadow makes things a bit easier, but you can certainly solo them as Holy and Discipline as well. Being 85, you can skip quite a few mobs in the dungeons and just focus on bosses for reputation, gear, or mounts.

3. “worgen t5 druid”

Take a look at my more recent post Druid + Worgen Fashion. It gives a visual look for tiers 1 through 6 on a male Worgen model. It also has links to Wowpedia on where to obtain them.

4. “4.2 holy priest bis weapon”

The best-in-slot weapon for Holy Priests will be Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord. It’s a mace that features Spirit and Haste. It drops from Ragnaros.

5. “top healer output 4.2”

Many healers would argue that this depends on the particular fight for Firelands. However, for the overall healing done according to World of Logs, Druids have become the top healer for 4.2. Will this continue for 4.3? We won’t know until 4.3 hits the PTR.

6. “quit wow Firelands mechanics healers bad”

This struck me as odd terms that linked my blog. I certainly did a recent post on how Blizzard has lost almost 1 million subscribers, but I’ve never implied healers were bad, although a couple of classes certainly need a few tweaks to bring them back up to par.  As far as Firelands mechanics are concerned, some are fun and some are needlessly complex. I think what’s a bit more disturbing is the difficulty difference between 10 and 25 with 25 being so much more unforgiving. I’m hoping 4.3 brings the difficulty between 10 and 25 much closer together.

7. “right gear for holy priest 4.2”

Here’s a shopping list for our best-in-slot cloth gear for Holy Priests. Trinkets are a bit hit and miss with our BiS trinkets being the Avengers of Hyjal reputation trinket and Darkmoon Card: Tsunami.

8. “discipline or holy 4.2”

This one is a bit of a sore spot with me. While each Priest spec has it’s advantages and disadvantages for each fight, ultimately Discipline tends to be a bit more superior, especially for 25s where Power Word: Barrier really shines. You can actually see why I resent Holy and changed over to my Druid here.

9. “disc stats”

Discipline stats are purely based on what your role is with your raid. If you are tank healing, Mastery with Crit takes a strong role in providing large shields on your tanks. If you are raid or Atonement healing, Haste with Mastery takes the lead. You can read more on what I think about the Discipline mastery here.

10. “shadow priest wow porn”

You people are just sick you know that?

I now challenge fellow bloggers to take up the Search Engine Terms Challenge and answer terms that lead people to your own blog!


4 thoughts on “Fun with Search Engine Terms Challenge

  1. The amount of people looking for Harpy related porn never fails to amaze and surprise me. Although the best I’ve ever had has to be “sexy flesh avatars” and “vrykul women nude”. I feel in both regards I was probably a huge disappointment. The other surprising one has to be “wow freya porn”. I’m hoping they meant the avatar of Freya as opposed to the one in Ulduar, as she reminds me more of my mother than anything I want to read porn about.

  2. A great many search terms are going to be prurient, I’m afraid. You’re lucky you had just one.

    Suggestion for inflating your hit count: have a blog entry with lots of words in it that would cause naughty searches to hit. (Ok, not the REALLY naughty words.)

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