Helpful Tips for Healing Baleroc

Baleroc is a healing nightmare. My guild has gotten him down…….twice on 25-man now. The flow of the 25-man attempts are much more complicated due to the addition of an extra crystal. Rather than 6 or 7 people being responsible for crystal tanking and Vital Spark management, you have about 20 in 25-man.

Unfortunately, Baleroc is one of those fights where Druids really don’t shine, at least not as well as Paladins or Priests. We really don’t have the single target Direct Heal throughput to keep up with other healers. Don’t get me wrong because we can still get the job done, but it’s just in a bit more “butt-clenching” manner.

Your ultimate goal as a healer is to get as many stacks of Vital Spark as possible. This increases your output when it triggers Vital Flame and helps you keep up with the ever increasing tank health bars.

Tips for Priests:

  • Disc Priests especially shine on this fight. Divine Aegis and Power Word: Shield scale with the Vital Flame buff which makes them exceptional tank healers. You should also preferably be talented into the “Strength of Soul” talent.
  • As a Disc Priest, you should probably be the first to start out the Vital Spark rotation. Pop Power Infusion and Inner Focus to start and on every CD.
  • Start out by casting Penance followed by Power Word: Shield. If you have Glyph of Power Word: Shield, the heal that it does counts as a direct heal and provides stacks of Vital Spark.
  • Your rotation should be: Penance, PW:S, Flash Heal, Flash Heal, PW:S, Flash Heal. Rinse and repeat.
  • Make sure to Penance on each new DPS crystal tank. But also realize that using Penance while a DPS has many stacks of the Torment buff may instead kill them from not getting enough healing.

Tips for Druids:

  • Druids unfortunately don’t shine as well as Priest or Paladins, but we can still get the job done.
  • For your first crystal rotation, pop Treeform. Instant Regrowths will be available and you can build up a tremendous amount of stacks early on.
  • Don’t worry about mana early on. The point of this fight is to use your expensive heals at the beginning of this fight to build stacks and your cheap ones later. It can be difficult to balance. Just remember to Innervate when you hit 80%.
  • Don’t forget to Swiftmend. The HoT from Regrowth can trigger it, so feel free to use on CD and it provides a stack of Vital Spark.
  • Don’t forget to use a direct heal on the tanks before using HoTs. Direct heals trigger Vital Flame so you want your HoTs to benefit from it.

I advise Druids to take a look at Jasyla’s guide on How to Heal: Baleroc. It has an in-depth look on each ability and how to combat them. She also gives a great strategy that her raid uses that you might want to use for your own raid.

Gina over at Healbot also has a great strategy guide. She even has listed some nifty Power Auras, courtesy of Beru over at Falling Leaves and Wings.


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