World of Warcraft: A Disney Perspective

It all started with this simple tweet on Twitter.

Of course this is just me QQing about the current content not being interesting enough. Of course this caused Leetsauced to say this:

Which caused me to reply:

I won’t bore you with the rest. Let’s just say I went through almost the entire song by the time I got an idea for this blog post.

Essentially, I wanted to see if any classic Disney songs could be applied to any aspect of WoW, be it a race, faction, zone, event, or lore. And since I got the idea from Twitter, I decided to ask my followers for ideas. I got a lot of feedback (from one person in particular) and I went ahead and listed the ideas and songs that would match. Enjoy!

The Draenei

The Taunka

The Naga


The Dwarves

The Gilnean Worgen

I also thought this was fitting for Worgen as well.

The Defias


Twilight Highlands

The Night Elves

The Orcs


The Forsaken



The Ramakhen


Makes ya think doesn’t it?


20 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: A Disney Perspective

  1. This was absolutely bloody brilliant.

    I’d like to throw Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” into consideration for Tirion Fordring. That man is a total badass.

  2. I agree with most of them, and loved listening to them (again and again, I think most of the Disney songs are brilliant). My feral cat playing boyfriend would’ve liked the Lion King song for druids though, but don’t listen to him ;P

  3. Loved helping out with this. 🙂 I spend way too much time watching these movies, so it is good to know it can be useful sometimes.

    I always sing ‘Welcome to the Forty Thieves’ when running The Dead Mines. I kid you not.

    Also, Zazu = Vol’jin. True fact.

  4. Not Disney, but “Marry the Night” by Lady Gaga always makes me think of Sylvanas. The druid song was a great choice 😀

  5. Some suggestions for other ones:
    Little Mermaid – Under The Sea – Vash’jir
    Brave Little Toaster – Edge of Technology – Gnomes
    Mulan – I’ll Make a Man Out of You – Anduin Wyrnn
    Just Around The River Bend – Grizzly Hills
    The Jungle Book – Colonel Hathi’s March – Nagrand (Nessingway in particular)
    Aladdin – Arabian Nights – Uldum
    The Lion King – Be Prepared – Illidan

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  10. Its not Disney, but “Deliver us” From Prince of Egypt for the Blood Elves.
    You’re in luck! Someone (Me) has already made a Machinema on the topic.

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  13. This is abso-freaking-lutely brilliant! I laughed so hard, and hummed it all without hitting the video links. 😛 Also, @Joshua has some good ones. 😀 LOVED it! Haha.

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  16. When I read the title of this post my first thoughts were: “Dysney… WOW… I dont think so.” But after watching the videos and trying my imagination, strangely, it fits really well! Cool!

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