Patch 4.3 Wish List for Healers

With the release of Patch 4.2.2 on the PTR it’s safe to assume that we will be seeing Patch 4.3 on the PTR within the next few weeks. Blizzard has gone ahead to state that 4.3 will be the LARGEST content patch for the Cataclysm expansion.

So, with Patch 4.3 upon us I decided to turn to the healing community and see what they would like to see changed/tweaked about their healing class or spec. And what better way than Twitter?


Is there anything about your healing class/spec that you would like to see changed in 4.3?


Holy Paladins:

Shathus– A better middle ground would be nice. Smart use is still rewarded, but you don’t have to just ignore those buttons otherwise both that and Holy Rad. It’s too spread out, high mana and not a lot to heal.

I think Shathus brings up a good point here. Light of Dawn just doesn’t heal for a lot and the heal through Beacon is dwarfed by a Beacon’d heal from Word of Glory. In essence, using your Holy Power for Light of Dawn delivers less output than Word of Glory, even if your glyphed. Since the Word of Glory buff, Light of Dawn has taken the back seat on many Paladin toolbars. I would like to see Light of Dawn become viable again especially since, you know, it’s the final talent in the Holy tree. Blizzard lowered the CD of Holy Radiance so Paladins can contribute more to raid healing. I think this was the wrong move. Rather than “buffing” Holy Radiance’s up-time they should have made Light of Dawn valuable again. My solution? Maybe buff Light of Dawn to it’s “pre-nerf” levels or even more, but don’t make it transfer through Beacon. Light of Dawn should be used for raid healing only, so don’t let it contribute to tank healing.

Discipline Priests:

Jinxed Thoughts– I’d like some minor tweaks to Archangel/Atonement, and maybe make priest healing less about PoH spam.

These would be some welcome adjustments for Discipline. Right now, Atonement is hit or miss in Firelands due to boss mechanics or hit boxes (I’m looking at you Ragnaros). I’d like to see it become more valuable for more boss fights. As for Prayer of Healing spam, it’s pretty much the bread and butter spell for raid healing Disc Priests. Without being able to bubble spam, Disc has pretty much resorted to PoH spam to see any type of high HpS and it won’t stop until Disc gets it’s own unique raid heal or until we get so OP that we can bubble spam again. Whether it’s an AoE bubble or heal, Disc does need more diversity for raid healing.

Holy Priests:

Mwjn– I play a holy priest and there’s a few things. I think they’re the same as yours.

Mwjn is referring to a previous post that I made emphasizing the lack of a valuable raid CD for Holy. Not only that, but Holy’s poor Intellect and regen scaling also contribute to the big turnoff I have for the spec. I am personally hoping for a redesigned Holy Concentration and either redesigning some of our current borderline worthless CDs (aka Divine Hymn) or completely scrapping them for a brand new one.



As much as I would like to see this happen (because I’ve recently switched to my Druid) it most likely won’t. Druids have been blessed with a 3 min Tranquility and are probably OK with just that. They can still tank heal to a degree, but I think Blizz still wants to emphasize Paladins and Disc Priests to be the “ultimate” tank healers. And I’m OK with that. Druids are in a great place right now and I think most Druids probably feel the same way (except that our gear is poorly itemized for T12, WTB more Haste gear!)


RandyLite– As a 10m sham, I would like to see better scaling with my heals to keep up with the darn Druids. Or a change in mastery where the full bonus healing kicks in at 25%.

Verylemonade– Give resto shaman stronger ways to heal on move, heal non-group.

E_man41– I wish 90% of my stuff wasn’t dependent on people being grouped up

I admit, I’ve not too familiar with Shamans with this expansion. I have however heard concerns about utility and being wanted in raids. A big part of this is Paragon who recently downed Heroic Ragnaros with AGAIN not a single Shaman in the raid. Does that mean Shamans are awful? Not at all. Many healers are stronger than others for certain fights. Maybe Ragnaros isn’t a very “Shaman-friendly” fight and when you are striving to achieve world firsts, you want to bring the best class for each encounter. Which leads to what Verylemonade and E_man41 have said. Healing on the move is pretty important and as far as I know Shamans aren’t very good at it (they have 2 CDs that let them heal on the move, both on a 2 min CD). They don’t have an instance cast AoE raid heal a la Wild Growth/Circle of Healing. They have Riptide as their only instant cast which is on a CD. So to get any major output, Shamans throw down Healing Rain (which their output is balanced around) and cast Chain Heal (this is pure speculation of course cause I haven’t played a Shaman in Cataclysm). Both of those spells require the Shaman or the raid to be stationary and somewhat close together to gain the full effect. The other issue is Intellect scaling compared with other healers and the way their Mastery works. Overall, I think Shamans need more options for healing on the move rather than 2 CDs and need to be tweaked for throughput scaling for 4.3.

It seems there a few things Blizzard should consider changing for 4.3. Holy Priests need a valuable raid CD, Disc needs less PoH spam for raid healing, Shamans need more options while on the move, and Paladins need a tweak to Light of Dawn. It seems Druids have been fairly lucky this expansion as many of them are quite content with how they currently are performing. Now Blizz needs to bring the rest of the healing classes back up to par!


3 thoughts on “Patch 4.3 Wish List for Healers

  1. As heal lead for our ten man, what I’d like:

    Paladin: a raid cooldown. Aura Mastery is awesome but limited. Give them something like Tranquility, maybe on a 6 minute cd rather than 3.

    Priests: Make holy more understandable to non-holy priests, please! Disc priests, I like how they are right now. We haven’t had much experience with a priest as our third healer this expansion so I really can’t say. How ’bout they can bring the spell haste buff too? My ten man doesn’t have spell haste unless our shaman is raiding…

    Shaman: less dependent on standing still and having the targets clumped. Our shaman’s raw numbers can vary by 5000 HPS fight to fight and that is just not right. Their utility spells are just about perfect right now though so no touching those!

    Druid – my class. We’re really well suited right now. I don’t feel like I need a tank cooldown; that’s why I bring a paladin friend along. The only thing I want – all I’ve wanted for months – is permanent tree form back.

  2. I play a holy priest called Rý on EU skullcrusher, and these are my views and opinons about my class and some input on other healer classes.
    Holy priests: i like how the versatility they have, however i feel they need a helping hand on there single target healing, maybe let prayer of mending proc off Surge of light. Also i feel they need a proper raid cooldown Divine Hymn just doesn’t do it these days, and do something with that useless talent state of mind. I also wish chakra would go back to having a duration, but maybe a longer duration such as 1min before state of mind was nerfed.

    Discipline: A spec i rarely play, but overally there isn’t much to say, they fine tankhealers, and raidhealer there also fine with that aswell, although pw:s duration got nerfed by 50% it makes the healers think when to bubble spam, and predict incoming damage on raid members. Also Divine aegis visual needs to be fixed.

    Restoration Shaman: Is one of my alt healers i 10man pugs and it’s annoying when your chain heal and it doesn’t heal that many targets, it’s basically like the most powerful spells a shaman has is useless in a 10man i.e Healing rain and chain heal. Greater healing wave is powerful aswell but it’s costly on the mana. I’m thinking ancestral awakening buff, to be honested not info on the class so i wouldn’t know what ot do in this situation.

    Holy Paladin: I think there fine as there are, but even know i don’t play this class i feel light of dawn could of been better, maybe it heals all targets.

    Druids: I miss seeing druids in treeform, maybe just give druids the option just to be a tree with no benefits xD Other than that i just think i see a incoming nerf on druids in 4.3 or everyclass buff. To be honested i don’t think they need a tank cooldown with the raw power of there hots makes up for it+ 3min tranq+battle rez(maybe make that instant if it isn’t not sure).

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