Shield Discipline: How Our Mastery is Flawed

I really enjoy being a Discipline Priest. It’s probably my favorite healing spec in the game. I really enjoy the healing play-style. Preventing damage is something unique to the spec that defines it and keeps it from being “another pure HpS” healing spec.

Until recently, I have been a huge advocate of stacking Mastery. As a tank healer, I found Mastery to be fairly good stat, especially with the use of the Strength of Soul talent. With enough Mastery, Power Word: Shield ends up having more HpM than Greater Heal, so being able to cast it more often is why Mastery was fairly valuable over other stats like Haste. Power Word: Shield is the only reason to stack Mastery. And herein lies the problem. Continue reading


Circle of Healers: Cataclysm Edition

I don’t believe WTS Heals has been around long enough to participate in the last round of Circle of Healers, courtesy of Miss Medicina. Saunder over at Non-Squishy Heals has decided to resurrect this questionnaire and I have been tagged by the talented Jasyla whom I can always turn to for my Restoration Druid questions. Circle of Healers is a fun questionnaire for healing bloggers to answer. Continue reading