4.2 Shopping List for Priests- Clothing Edition

4.2 is upon us. The patch will most likely drop this coming Tuesday which means we need to be prepared for the upcoming changes. New content means new loot, and new loot always makes me a happy Priest, most of the time at least. I’ll be going over our gear options for 4.2 for Discipline and Holy Priests.

*Be aware that these stat priorities are my personal opinion and do not reflect what is best for your personal character or healing style.

Discipline- Intellect > Spirit > Haste=Mastery > Crit

Yes it’s true, I don’t favor Crit as a tank healing Discipline Priest. It’s not a bad stat, in fact it’s gonna get a lot better, but I still don’t favor a stat that’s unreliable.  Instead, I consider it a perk, an added bonus even.

Holy- Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Crit

The Haste vs Mastery debate will still continue on, but for right now I personally favor Haste with my 25-man raid healing team. You can read the reasoning why here.

I’ll go down the list, from head to toe. I’ll feature Ring, Trinket, and Weapon choices in another upcoming post.

Helm– There aren’t many options here. We have one good one, and one that could be bad depending on the random stat enchant.

Cowl of the Cleansing Flame– This is a solid upgrade over our T11 helm and has oodles of Spirit and Mastery rating which is more beneficial for Holy Priests. Disc Priests will want this as well as Mastery is useful and can be reforged to Haste or even Crit if you desire. Unfortunately, I’ve heard the T12 head piece token drops off of Ragnaros, so be prepared to wait a while before you get it.

Flickering Cowl- This helm has a random enchant similar to the loot from Conclave of Winds. The graphic is the same as the Warlock T12 helm. I’m not really impressed with this type of loot. If it ends up lacking Spirit and has Crit rating, your 359 helm from Magmaw might be a better option until you can upgrade to T12. It can be found on Lord Rhyolith.

Neck– We have 2 solid choices.

Firemind Pendant– Has a good amount of Spirit and Mastery. This can be purchased with 1250 Valor Points.

Heartstone of Rhyolith– This is pretty similar to the Valor point neckpiece, but has slightly more spirit at the expense of Mastery. It drops from Lord Rhyolith. I would personally aim for this piece, but if it never drops don’t feel guilty for wearing the Vendor one instead.

Shoulders– One good, one bad. Blizzard hates Priests.

Mantle of the Cleansing Flame– This is a no-brainer. Our T12 shoulders will be our BiS for both specs. Spirit and Haste? Sign me up.

Mantle of Closed Doors– No really, it’s true, Blizzard hates Priests. This piece lacks Spirit, has an ass-load of Crit rating, some Mastery, and a crappy socket bonus. On top of that, the graphic is the same as the Mage T12 shoulders, which leads me to believe this is meant to be more of a DPS shoulder piece, although the stats aren’t awful for Discipline. However, you are most likely better off sticking with your T11 or equivalent shoulders until you get the token from Majordomo Staghelm for the pretty T12 set. Meanwhile, this POS drops from Baleroc.

Back– 1 good, 1 “ok” piece.

Flowing Flamewrath Cape– This cape has Spirit and Mastery. It’s obtained by becoming Friendly with Avengers of Hyjal, a new faction similar to the Ashen Verdict for ICC which seems fairly easy to achieve. It will be considered our BiS option for both Disc and Holy until something better comes along.

Wings of Flame– This cape drops from Alysrazor, the big fiery bird. It has Crit and Mastery, but no Spirit. Because our other option is so easy to obtain and features Spirit, this cape can be used for a poor DPS who’s too lazy to do the new Hyjal dailies.

Chest– One good, and one “ok” piece.

Robes of the Cleansing Flame– Another BiS for both specs. Our T12 chest piece has lots of Spirit and Mastery which are beneficial for both healing specs. This can be purchased from the Valor vendor for 2200 Valor Points.

Robes of Smoldering Devastation– Although the name and lack of Spirit implies that this is a DPS piece, the stats are pretty decent. We can easily reforge the Haste or Mastery into Spirit, whichever stat we value more. The socket bonus isn’t bad either. It shares the same graphic as the Warlock T12 which I’m still iffy about, but it drops from Beth’tilac.

Wrist One good, and one that is “meh”.

Firesoul Wristguards– Spirit and Haste? Hands down our best option. These are easily obtainable through the Valor point vendor for 1250 Valor Points.

Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom– Crit and Haste, but no Spirit. Grab the vendor ones. There’s no excuse to be wearing these. They drop from Majordomo Staghelm.

Hands– 2 very good choices.

Handwraps of the Cleansing Flame– Our T12 gloves feature yummy Spirit and Haste as solid secondary stats. These will be mandatory for our T12 4-piece and are obtainable with 1650 Valor Points.

Grips of Altered Reality– These gloves can be crafted by a Tailor. It has similar stats to our T12 piece, but gives up some Spirit in favor of more Haste. A solid choice for people who want to save their Valor points for a different purchase.

Waist– Sorry guys, no Spirit belts for this raid tier. 😦

Embereye Belt– This belt will be the easiest to obtain. You get it by becoming Honored with the Avenger’s of Hyjal. Not an extremely hard feat, but it will take some time. It features Crit, Haste, and a lackluster Blue socket.

Majordomo’s Chain of Office– This is the belt that we should be aiming to get. Unfortunately, so will every other cloth wearer. It features more Intellect, a very pretty red socket, Haste, and Mastery. You can easily reforge the Haste or Mastery to Spirit depending on your personal preference. It drops from Ragnaros.

Pants– Both choices aren’t optimized for Holy. Disc is in a better position though.

Legwraps of the Cleansing Flame– Both healing specs should pick this up. It features Spirit and Crit. Holy can reforge the Crit to Haste or Mastery. Purchasable via 2200 Valor Points.

Leggings of Billowing Fire– These pants drop from Alysrazor. They feature Crit and Haste, but no Spirit. Disc may find it a little useful, but if your Holy you are better off with the T12 pants.

Feet– One great pair, another that is lackluster.

Endless Dream Walkers– Surprisingly enough, both spec’s BiS shoes will be these that can be crafted by a Tailor. They feature Spirit, Haste, and a beautiful red socket.

Coalwalker Sandals– These drop from Shannox. They feature Crit and Haste, but no Spirit. Do your best to try and get the crafted shoes instead.

For the most part, it seems that all of our BiS items are T12 with a few Vendor/Crafted pieces making up the rest. The drops from the bosses aren’t tantalizing at all. Next week, I’ll be going over Rings, Trinkets, and our Weapon choices. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “4.2 Shopping List for Priests- Clothing Edition

  1. Thanks a lot for this write up! I’ve been too lazy to check it out myself yet, so was wonderful to find a neat list when I needed it ;D

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