The Benefits of Gnome Racials

After having a somewhat comical conversation on Twitter with a few fellow bloggers and reading O’s new post, I decided I wanted to write an article weighing the benefits of being a Gnome Priest.  Cataclysm introduced the concept of Gnome Priests and Gnome racials integrate very well with the class.

In general, racials don’t “make or break” a Priest. They are merely perks for being a particular race. Some are good for PvE, others are good for PvP. I’ve noticed that Blizzard has tried to implement all of them to be utilized in both PvE and PvP to some degree and each race has some form of PvE and PvP racial utility.  This is a good thing. It causes people to not shy away from a particular race based on interests.

Gnome racials are very straightforward and are integrated well with the lore of the Gnome race.  4 out of the 5 racial traits are useful for Priests in some shape or form.

Shortblade Specialization- I’ll get the useless one out of the way first. This increases your expertise rating with daggers and one handed swords by 3. Unless you plan on stabbing the boss to death, it’s fairly useless for Priests.

Arcane Resistance- Increases Arcane Resistance by 1 point per level. To be honest, we haven’t seen that much Arcane damage in Cataclysm. The only fight I can see it being useful is Omnotron Defense System when Arcanotron is active. We mostly have been seeing Fire, Shadow, and Nature damage in most fights.

Engineering Specialist- 15 skill point bonus to Engineering. Engineering has always been the more “PvP” oriented trade-skill compared to others, but Blizz has done some major work to make it more competitive for PvE.  This helps out with the skill a little bit.

Expansive Mind- Now we are getting to the good stuff.  This increases your mana pool by 5%.  It use to be Intellect, but Blizzard replaced it with Mana for Cataclysm.  This means at 100k mana, you will have an extra 5k tacked on.  The extra mana increases as your mana pool increases, so it scales with gear. This also causes it to scale with Replenishment and Rapture, increasing your mana regen during fights.  This racial is very tasty for Discipline Priests in particular, since they scale extremely well from Intellect.

Escape Artist- Escapes the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect.  From a PvE standpoint, this is a very good racial. Anything that gets you out of snares so you can “get out of the fire” faster is a major plus in my book.  The faster you can get moving, the faster you can get back to healing the noob hunter who always stands in the purple void zones.

Overall, Gnome racials are pretty competitive with other Alliance racials. In fact Gnomes are probably one of the better options (if not the best) for healing Priests in PvE.

Remember, there are no BAD options as a race for a healing Priest. Some are more competitive that others, but all of them have their perks.


3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Gnome Racials

  1. I’d be remiss if I didn’t leave a comment here, especially after O’s post and my own.

    By and large, short of The Human Spirit, Expansive Mind is definitely one of the best possible regen racials. While holy priests will lean toward humans, discipline priests will most certainly lean toward gnomes for just this racial alone.

    The unfortunate thing about Escape Artist is that it doesn’t see much PvE use. Yeah, there’s definitely times it’s handy, but just not that many. I can actually only think of two encounters in current content where it might be exceptionally handy (Conclave and Al’akir).

    And, although your raid should be interrupting stuff, Arcane Resistance is probably also helpful on Maloriak for Arcane Storm, and it’s got some minor benefits for the trash in BWD, and some even in BoT trash (most notably, Twilight Phase-Twisters and that annoying silence they do, is Arcane).

    • Hi Tomaj!

      I love Escape Artist. It’s not only great in raids, but in Heroic dungeons as well. I’ve used it also during Ascendant Council, when you go from the air to ground and you have the slow debuff on you.

      It’s not quite as flexible as the Human Racial, but it’s on a shorter cooldown. When I look back at Wrath I see so many fights where it could have been useful (Sindragosa in particular). It’s a shame Blizz didn’t introduce Gnome healers earlier in the game.

      Now I need to figure out what exactly I need to do to petition for Gnome Paladins….

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