My First Raid Night With My New Guild and How I Felt Like a WoW Virgin

The title says it all.  Last night was the first night raiding with my new home on Elune.  We ran a 10-man team to do some farm content so our 25-man can tackle the progression content the next day.  This was my moment to make a good first impression.  This was also the first time I have raided as Discipline in Cataclysm.  I’ve been mainly Holy through all of Cataclysm and haven’t played Discipline since ICC, and Discipline has a different play-style than what Holy offers.

So here’s the math:

New Guild + New Spec + First Impression= One Freaked-Out Priest

It basically felt like a PuG run to me.  I had no idea how durable the tanks were.  I had no clue how reactive my fellow healers were to incoming damage.  I had no clue how raid aware anyone was.  I felt completely blind-folded.  I felt like a virgin getting ready for his first one-night stand.

And it was completely exhilarating.

All these things take time to get a feel for.  Over time, I’ll feel more comfortable and more confident with my raid team.  I’ll learn to trust my tanks and other healers to get us through the encounter.  I’ll trust my dps to manage adds and be aware of their surroundings.

Overall, I think the night went really well.  I even experienced a boss I had never done before, Chimeron, and we 2-shotted it.  I have to say that Chimeron is the absolute worst fight I’ve ever encountered as a healer.  Seeing raider healthbars at 10% and trying NOT to heal them is a nightmare.  It goes against the Healing Code of Conduct.

Tonight we will be doing our 25-man and I’m assuming we will start on Atramedes and work our way to Nefarian.  I’ll have to brush up on my Nefarian fight because I’ve never attempted it before.  I’ll also have to talk to the raid leader on the “Crackle” cooldown rotation that they use.

Keep those health bars high!



4 thoughts on “My First Raid Night With My New Guild and How I Felt Like a WoW Virgin

  1. Hmm, somewhat related to what will be my experience tonight, I just left my guild yesterday and Tonight will be my first night raiding that I am actually “In” the guild. because the only difference is that I already been running raids with the new guild I am in now since a month ago. My previous guild I was only a social status and rarely raid with them actually no spot at all., I also just started dpsing since Cataclysm has released was a challenge for me until this day. But I am loving it so far. My secondary is Holy. But anyway Overall, I am loving the 10 man runs with this new guild. Sadly my reputation is back from being Exalted – Neutral! lolx Anyway, goodluck on your new guild too! but at least glad it went well! =D

    • Thanks for stopping by Amerence!

      I was a complete nervous wreck all night. Chimeron was the worst part because not only was I in a raid where I wasn’t use to their play styles, I had never even attempted the fight before. I thought it was a big accomplishment being able to 2-shot it!

      It really is a slow process becoming comfortable with a new raid team. I’m sure you’ll do great tonight. 🙂

  2. I remember when we had a couple of new healers in our 25 man team, and they performed last on the meters (like that means anything). One of our officers (dpser) said that apparently they weren’t very good and that we should kick them. But I thought about exactly what you describe here. Being new in a healing team is chaos. You don’t know how much you can “trust” your fellow healers, how much damage the raid will take, how much you have to stick to your assignments and how much you can heal other stuff and a trillion other things. I told him that because healing is so much teamwork (and that’s what I like about it), we’d probably not see these healers at their max potential until at least another couple of tries. So we kept them, and they’re great 🙂

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