>Greener Pastures

>I love my guild. I’ve been with them for quite a while, almost 2 years. I’ve made quite a few lifelong friends and we’ve had some great times together.

Band of Brothers of Caelestraez is a guild that that was originally part of Gamblers, a much larger and progression-oriented guild. I was only in the guild for maybe 2 weeks before the split happened. To be honest, I can’t even remember what the issue was, but a very serious argument broke out between a few of the officers and it resulted in Gamblers losing a very valuable raid leader. This particular raid leader was the one who actually recruited me.

It was like a domino effect. One after the other people left the guild. I also left the guild because I held no loyalty to the person that was in charge. My loyalty was to my recruitment officer. I quickly whispered him and he said he was making his own guild with progression in mind. I immediately asked for an invite and thus I was the first unrelated member of Band of Brothers.

And thus the recruitment crusade began. We started out small, with a generic 10-man setup. We did some Ulduar, but didn’t get very far. When ToC came out we did much better. We managed to clear the content before ICC came out. By the end of Wrath, we were 11/12 HM and had our lovely undead drakes. We also had a second 10 man running in addition to a 25 man team on the weekends.

This is what I loved about our guild. There was always someone online, always something happening. Logging on was a joy.

With the introduction of Cataclysm all of this ended. With the new “same lockout” scheme that Blizzard implemented, it caused our 25 man team to crumble making us a 10-man only guild. This seemed ok at first because we still had our 2 10 man teams going. But slowly and surely one of them crumbled. Lack of leadership from the raid leader and laziness was the main cause of this group to split. Some people had RL to go back to. Others left the guild in search of a better experience.

But my team held on strong. We stayed together with only a few minor hiccups in our lineup, but we never crumbled. Unfortunately, boredom and RL has taken a toll on the team. Hardly anyone logs in anymore and if they do it’s just to raid. Our raid times have been cut by 1/3 to a mere 2 hours a night mainly due to some new schedule conflicts with team members.

Personally I feel my team should be 12/12 normal right now, but because we raid only 6 hours a week, there’s little chance for progression, so we are currently 8/12 Normal. If we have a sour night (which we all do) it seriously hampers our progression and causes bad feelings. We talked about changing the days of the week, but unfortunately RL strikes again with scheduling. People either work or have school or need to sleep. We just can’t win.

It’s not that we haven’t made progress, because we have. It’s just I don’t enjoy raiding with my team anymore. I don’t have that thrill of logging on and getting excited for raid night. It’s almost like an old married couple when they lose that “spark”. I honestly think its time I go my own way.

I have already spoken to my Co-GM and she understands where I’m coming from. I’m sure she spoke to the GM (her husband) to let him know I’m thinking about moving to a different guild.

So if you are in a guild that is in need of an uber Priest or Holy Paladin please let me know! I’m open to faction changing as well. 10-man is ok, but I would like to start trying 25-man as well.

Feel free to leave a comment. You can also reach me on Twitter at @LunarthePriest.




3 thoughts on “>Greener Pastures

  1. >I can relate to the feeling of not "feeling it" any more with your current guild. For me, it was so strong a feeling that I ponied up real life dollars to server transfer, and I haven't looked back since. Comparing it to a failing marriage really is a perfect analogy. No one is really to blame, and sometimes people honestly do just grow in different directions. :\*BEGIN CHEAP PLUG*That being said, I truly couldn't be happier with my current guild. It's perfect: progression-minded 25-mans on a light raid schedule (6 hours a week) and contains some of the coolest and most mature people I've ever met. I know the phrase "drama-free" gets bandied about all the time, but in the 8 months I've been a member there hasn't been a single issue, not even close. We're sorta full on pallies and priests but we of course make exceptions for talented players ;]. Sounds to me like you'd fit right in, give us a look:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2456908244http://bushido-guild.comIn any event, you've got a new reader! Good luck in your search, I promise you'll find what you're looking for!

  2. >Thanks for the comment Dave!I have to say, a "marriage" is exactly what it is. You just get bored or just plain not interested with what your doing as a raid team.I actually found a new guild that will be welcoming my priest in the next few days, but thanks for the offer! The schedules actually work out to where I can raid with both guilds right now.

  3. >Good to hear man, and as a fellow priest who's about to respec my OS from Holy to Disc for hard modes, I'll definitely be checking in for some sweet tips. Keep it up!

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