>Patch 4.0.6: A PvE/PvP Perspective

>So the patch has been out for a little less than a week and I’ve been able to test out some of the changes for both PvE and PvP.  Here’s some feedback:

Holy Word: Serenity Actually Works with Healbot

I nearly cried when I found this out.  HW: S has NEVER worked with Healbot correctly.  It’s been a bug that had been plagueing the priest communtiy for quite some time.  There was a macro fix for it, but it was a little complicated to pull off and it didn’t work half the time.  Patch 4.0.6 has corrected whatever error there was with the spell and it now works correctly with Healbot.  Directions:  Under the “Spells” tab in Healbot, figure out what button configuration you want to tie the spell to.  For example, mine is tied to the Left Mouse Button while holding down the Shift + CTRL keys.  Just type in “Holy Word: Chastise” into the bar and you’re done!  It will cast Holy Word: Serenity as long as you are in the Serenity Chakra state.

Priest AoE Healing Took a Hit

Even with the buff to Circle of Healing, I noticed our AoE output isn’t what it was before the patch went live.  That 15% nerf to Prayer of Healing really hurt.  Circle of Healing is now much more attractive to use, but Prayer of Healing is still the most mana efficient way to heal through heavy raid damage.

Renew Still Kinda Blows For Raid Healing

Even with the mana cost reduction, Renew still costs over 3k mana (my earlier calculations were a bit off!).  Even with the extra tick, Renew only heals for roughly 14k.  This results in a net “Heal per Mana” of 4.5.  Comparatively, Prayer of Healing heals for roughly 36k when it hits 5 targets and costs roughly 5.6k mana.  This results in a net HpM of 6.4.  Prayer of Healing still trumps Renew as far as HpM is concerned.  Here’s a list of a Holy Priest spells according to HpM.

Heal- 4.4
Flash Heal- 2.5
Greater Heal- 3.5
Binding Heal- 5.0
Renew- 3.6 without extra tick 4.5 with extra tick (when in Sanctuary state)
Prayer of Healing- 6.4 (when in Sanctuary state)
Prayer of Mending- 8.7 (Assuming you get all 5 charges off)
Holy Word: Serenity- 10
Holy Word: Sanctuary- 2.7
Divine Hymn- 9.8
Circle of Healing- 5.6

Alot of these number vary greatly.  They don’t take crit or haste value into consideration, but seeing as those stats are baseline for all the spells, it’s pretty evident which are the most mana efficient.  Holy Word: Serenity is the most mana efficient spell available to a Holy priest.  Divine Hymn is almost as good, although it needs to be the MOST mana efficient spell we have.  It’s on an agonizing 8 min CD so it should be the best spell in a healing priest’s arsenal.  Blizzard needs to buff the healing effect to match Tranquility.  Prayer of Mending is also very efficient, but thats assuming you get all 5 charges to proc.  If not, its pretty inefficient.  Flash Heal is our worst HpM spell as it should be.  It’s fast and heals for quite a bit, but is staggering in mana cost.  Binding Heal is only efficient as long as both you and your target are taking damage.  If not, it’s pretty bad.  Holy Word: Sanctuary is another that is pretty inefficient.  I based the calculations on 5 people standing in the circle since anything more gives diminishing effects.

PvP is OK, But It Could Be Alot Better

Dispels are still a big problem.  Nerfing Purge hasn’t stopped Shamans from taking advantage of the dispel.  Mages are also still running rampant with Spellsteal.  Our “clothie tank” abilities have improved with our powerful shields, but they can still be easily dispelled.  Feral druids are no longer much of a threat to us.  Warriors, DK’s, and Enhance Shamans still seem to be a problem.  We have no real way of escaping their snares and our poor CC ability is easily countered by a Tremor Totem and some other class abilities that can easily break fear.  We can survive a little longer now, thanks to interrupt/silence immunity, but it doesn’t seem to be constant enough.  Once Inner Focus is on cooldown we get squished.  The buff to Penance was much needed and makes it heal for a good amount, but did it really need an increased mana cost?  I’m already struggling with mana due to the outrageous cost of Power Word: Shield.  BTW, Desperate Prayer is so uber now.  It actually heals for more than a fraction of my health.  I would also still like to see some pushback resistance for the priest class.  Having a melee class wail on you and it taking 3 seconds to get off a Flash Heal isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

Well thats it for now.  I’ll be online later trying to farm up the Raven Lord from H Sethekk Halls.  It’s been a pretty vain attempt so far, but I’m feeling pretty lucky today.



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