>Cataclysm Progression and Chakra States

>The past 2 weeks have been absolutely phenomenal for my raid team.  Not 3 weeks ago did I feel like I was on the Titanic and was going down with the ship.  But my raid and I managed to find a lifeboat and stayed afloat.  Not only that, we’ve basically made more progress in the past 2 weeks than we have since Cataclysm came out.

Throughout our raiding time, I try to see what Chakra state is most beneficial for each encounter.  I’m usually the second tank healer for our team and help out with raid healing when necessary.  Our main tank healer is a Discipline priest and our main raid healer is a Restoration druid.

We are now 5/12 normal modes and we will be working on Ascendant Council next week.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker has pretty much been on farm for over a month now.  There’s always a small chance for a wipe depending on what drakes we have, but we haven’t wiped on him for a few weeks now even with the Stormrider drake active (he’s the one with the nasty shadow AoE).  I found that the Serenity Chakra state is most beneficial for the first part of the fight when the drakes are up.  Both tanks get hit very hard and having and instant cast heal is extremely vital.  The second half, I usually switch to Sanctuary state when Halfus starts doing his Roar.  Tank healing isn’t as extreme and at this point, only 1 tank is being hit and can easily be healed by 1 healer.  The extra boost from Sanctuary is extremely beneficial.  I also switch to Inner Will for the extra efficient Renew that can be spammed for a bit.

Valiona and Theralion was a real problem for us.  I think our strategy (which was taken from Tankspot) was too intense for the healers.  1 wrong move by anyone and it was pretty much a raid wipe.  Penitent (our pally tank) came up with a great strategy and we ended up 1-shotting it.  Goes to show you that not all strategies work well if you have a different raid composition.  I spent most of my time in Sanctuary state.  Depending on your raid strategy, burst AoE healing is needed to get through this encounter.  Inner Will is up for efficient Renews.  Be aware that casting Renew is actually faster and more efficient than Heal in Sanctuary state.

Magmaw was an interesting fight.  We tried a few different strategies and found that the 2-camp strategy works the best for ranged dps and healers.  Precise use of cooldowns (Guardian Spirit, Pain Suppression) helps save the tank while he’s in Magmaw’s mouth and AoE abilities like Holy Word: Sanctuary, Efflorescence, and Power Word: Barrier really shine in this fight.  We got him down on the second night of raiding when we found a comfortable raiding strategy.  Chakra: Sanctuary is the most beneficial state for the burst AoE healing that is needed.  Inner Will is up for cheap Renews when needed.  Prayer of Healing will be your most used spell and Holy Word: Sanctuary can be used in emergencies.

Omnotron Defense System took us 2 nights to down.  Add control and careful interrupts need to be precisely dealt with or it spells WIPE for the raid.  Our Chakra state will vary depending on what mob is active.  For Toxitron, Arcanotron, and Electron Chakra Serenity seems to be the best.  Most of the damage thats dealt is single target as long as everyone is spread out.  When Magmatron is active, switch to Sanctuary.  Magmatron does a heavy AoE damage ability that can’t be avoided.  Renew and Prayer of Healing really shine here.  Avoid using Holy Word: Sanctuary because everyone is too spread out for it to be really effective.

The Conclave of Wind is a pretty fun encounter.  It took us about 4 tries to down it.  Communication is extremely important and the timing of the deaths of each of the bosses is vital to the raids survival.  Each boss has to be downed within 1 minute of each other otherwise it’s a wipe.  Think of it like the Earth, Wind, and Fire achievement from VoA back in Wrath.  1 person needs to be on each platform at all times, otherwise the boss will cause a raid wipe ability that will either silence, reduce haste, etc.  We had 1 healer on each platform.  I was on the Rohash platform.  This boss deals wind damage that doesn’t need to be tanked, but you have to be aware of where the boss is facing when he does his “leaf blower” ability.  This ability will knock everyone off the platform if you’re not careful and will auto-wipe the raid.  You’re Chakra state will depend on what platform you are on.  I found that the Serenity state is best for the Rohash platform since for 10-man, only you and one other dps will be on the platform.  While I haven’t done the ice platform yet, I imagine that with the constant AoE damage that Sanctuary will be the best state.  The lightning platform will depend on how well your dps can control the adds.

Next week we will be looking at Ascendant Council.  Fun stuff!



>Recent Hotfixes And a Quick Dip into Holy PvP

>So as of my last post, Holy priests everywhere were visiting their trainers to respec into the Holy “bubble spam” spec.  I was not one of those priests.  I knew Blizzard wouldn’t let this new spec be viable and I was right.  I woke up this morning to see these changes posted:

-Body and Soul no longer reduces the mana cost of Power Word: Shield (the hotfix made on February 16 to provide this additional benefit has been reverted)

I saw the Body and Soul change coming back when it was first introduced.  This made PW:S extremely powerful for Holy priests and it came with little mana penalty.  With this hotfix, bubble spam is no longer viable as a Holy priest.  Prayer of Healing/Circle of Healing once again take the lead for HpM.

-Rapture now returns 2/5/7% of maximum mana when Power Word: Shield is consumed, up from 2/4/6%

This was necessary, although I’m not sure if its enough to rectify Disc priest mana issues.  I’ll have to see if the mana return is higher than the cost of PW:S.  If it is, then great, PW:S is viable to use again.  If not, then Blizz still has some mechanics they need to fix.  I have said it before and I will say it again, PW:S wasn’t good enough to use after the increased mana cost.  Greater Heal was more efficient.  I’m hoping this fix will rectify this problem.

Holy PvP

I was bored yesterday and decided to dabble in PvP as Holy for the first time.  It was really fun and was a little different from Disc in terms of play-style.

Control- Holy has a bit more control than Disc.  Holy Word: Chastise is a POWERFUL CC and can help you kite those nasty Death Knights and is on a decent 21 second CD when talented.  As Holy, you also have spare points to use in the Shadow tree.  You can actually go far enough to get Improved Psychic Scream which reduced the CD by 4 seconds.

Mobility- From what I’ve seen, Holy has more mobility than Disc.  This is because of the Body and Soul talent which increases your movement speed by 60% for 4 seconds every time you cast PW:S.  I’ve noticed that Holy priests rely on this mobility to survive.  They don’t have the damage reduction talents to take the damage that Disc priests can survive through.

Cure Poison– Yes Holy priests can cleanse poison off themselves ONLY.  This is fantastic for trying to dispel Crippling Poison that rogues like to put on you.  Cure the poison then PW:S yourself and the rogue will eat your dust.

Lightwell is Awesome– Lightwell has to be the most powerful tool in the Holy priests toolbox next to Guardian Spirit.  Place a Lightwell out and you can just click it while you are stunned/feared/etc.  With Blessed Resilience, it places a POWERFUL HoT on you healing for almost 9k every 2 seconds.  Unless you have 3 or more DPS on you, this makes it difficult for a DPS to kill you.

Glyph of Desperation– Originally this glyph only applied to Pain Suppression, but Guardian Spirit was also added to the glyph.  GS gives you a second chance and can save your butt in a bad situation.  It’s fun seeing a rogue thinking he has you locked down for the killing blow, you pop GS, and your back at 60k health again and he’s blown all his CD’s on you.  Pop a Lightwell, dispel poison, then pop PW:S and take off in a run.  It’s pretty fun.

Mana is a Problem– The only downside to Holy is that mana is still a big issue.  Because spirit isn’t seen much on PvP gear and Holy gets all its regen from Holy Concentration you go oom much quicker than other healers.  This is where Disc can shine when played appropriately.

Since the hotfix, I will probably go back to Disc for PvP.  It was fun being Holy while it lasted!


>To Bubble Or Not To Bubble? That is the Question.

>The forums have been blown up recently and Disc priests everywhere are in a state of panic.  In a recent hotfix, Blizzard decided that the recent increased mana cost and spell power coefficient to Power Word: Shield wasn’t enough to prevent Discipline priests from utilizing the “bubble spam” method of raid healing and immediately raised the cost by another 33%.

But wait!  What about Holy priests who use the spell for our precious Body and Soul talent and maybe to save a raid member or two?  Have no fear, Blizzard thought this through and didn’t want Holy priests to shy away from using PW: S and added a mana cost reduction to the Body and Soul talent.

As a Holy priest, I utilize Inner Will for raid healing duties.  This further reduces all of my instant cast spells mana costs by an additional 15%.  With the additional reductions from Body and Soul, and with the addition of Inner Will, my PW: S mana cost has plummeted to a mere 2600, down from 3800.  And if I forgo 2 points in the Darkness talent (but still maintain my 12.5% haste) and put them into “Improved Power Word: Shield” I get about a 20k shield from a 2600 mana cost.  That’s about an HPM of about 7.6 making Power Word: Shield more mana efficient than Prayer of Healing.

I think you realize where I’m going with this.  As Oestrus pointed out on her blog, Holy bubble spam might possibly be the new sexy way of healing until Blizz figures out something.  Discipline is just a mess now.  Spamming bubbles isn’t even viable anymore.  And with Prayer of Healing being extremely weak for Discipline compared to Holy, Discipline isn’t even a competitive raid healer anymore.  As of this moment, Discipline is only competitive with tank healing.

On top of all this, Rapture is pretty much broken.  It costs more mana to cast PW: S than the return gives.  Discipline priest’s PW: S now has an HPM of 4.1, making it one of the least efficient spells available.  It’s actually more efficient to cast a Greater Heal with 3 stacks of Grace.

There are a few ways to fix this problem:

1. Make Soul Warding a Disc-only talent and raise the cool-down to 8 seconds.– This would make spamming less viable for Holy priests due to the high cool-down.  It would also still cause PW: S to have a 4 second CD so spamming it isn’t viable for raid healing compared to Prayer of Healing during extremely heavy raid damage fights.  A combination of PW: S and Prayer of Healing would give Disc a viable slot in raids.

2. Revert the initial mana cost back to what it originally was before the hotfix for PW: S and get rid of the B&S mana reduction fix.– This would make PW:S attractive again for Disc priests to use and still decent for Holy priests for PvE and PvP.

3. Priests need dispel resistance.– I know Blizz doesn’t want to go this route, but its inevitable to keep the game balanced.  With the increased CD on PW: S, we would use it less often.  Therefore, we need some type of dispel resistance, or there needs to be a CD on all offensive dispels.

4. Or maybe just get rid of Soul Warding all together.– This would cause PW: S to have a base CD of 4 seconds.  Revert the mana changes and change the Soul Warding talent to a PvP Dispel resistance talent.

Just my 2 cents.


>Patch 4.0.6: A PvE/PvP Perspective

>So the patch has been out for a little less than a week and I’ve been able to test out some of the changes for both PvE and PvP.  Here’s some feedback:

Holy Word: Serenity Actually Works with Healbot

I nearly cried when I found this out.  HW: S has NEVER worked with Healbot correctly.  It’s been a bug that had been plagueing the priest communtiy for quite some time.  There was a macro fix for it, but it was a little complicated to pull off and it didn’t work half the time.  Patch 4.0.6 has corrected whatever error there was with the spell and it now works correctly with Healbot.  Directions:  Under the “Spells” tab in Healbot, figure out what button configuration you want to tie the spell to.  For example, mine is tied to the Left Mouse Button while holding down the Shift + CTRL keys.  Just type in “Holy Word: Chastise” into the bar and you’re done!  It will cast Holy Word: Serenity as long as you are in the Serenity Chakra state.

Priest AoE Healing Took a Hit

Even with the buff to Circle of Healing, I noticed our AoE output isn’t what it was before the patch went live.  That 15% nerf to Prayer of Healing really hurt.  Circle of Healing is now much more attractive to use, but Prayer of Healing is still the most mana efficient way to heal through heavy raid damage.

Renew Still Kinda Blows For Raid Healing

Even with the mana cost reduction, Renew still costs over 3k mana (my earlier calculations were a bit off!).  Even with the extra tick, Renew only heals for roughly 14k.  This results in a net “Heal per Mana” of 4.5.  Comparatively, Prayer of Healing heals for roughly 36k when it hits 5 targets and costs roughly 5.6k mana.  This results in a net HpM of 6.4.  Prayer of Healing still trumps Renew as far as HpM is concerned.  Here’s a list of a Holy Priest spells according to HpM.

Heal- 4.4
Flash Heal- 2.5
Greater Heal- 3.5
Binding Heal- 5.0
Renew- 3.6 without extra tick 4.5 with extra tick (when in Sanctuary state)
Prayer of Healing- 6.4 (when in Sanctuary state)
Prayer of Mending- 8.7 (Assuming you get all 5 charges off)
Holy Word: Serenity- 10
Holy Word: Sanctuary- 2.7
Divine Hymn- 9.8
Circle of Healing- 5.6

Alot of these number vary greatly.  They don’t take crit or haste value into consideration, but seeing as those stats are baseline for all the spells, it’s pretty evident which are the most mana efficient.  Holy Word: Serenity is the most mana efficient spell available to a Holy priest.  Divine Hymn is almost as good, although it needs to be the MOST mana efficient spell we have.  It’s on an agonizing 8 min CD so it should be the best spell in a healing priest’s arsenal.  Blizzard needs to buff the healing effect to match Tranquility.  Prayer of Mending is also very efficient, but thats assuming you get all 5 charges to proc.  If not, its pretty inefficient.  Flash Heal is our worst HpM spell as it should be.  It’s fast and heals for quite a bit, but is staggering in mana cost.  Binding Heal is only efficient as long as both you and your target are taking damage.  If not, it’s pretty bad.  Holy Word: Sanctuary is another that is pretty inefficient.  I based the calculations on 5 people standing in the circle since anything more gives diminishing effects.

PvP is OK, But It Could Be Alot Better

Dispels are still a big problem.  Nerfing Purge hasn’t stopped Shamans from taking advantage of the dispel.  Mages are also still running rampant with Spellsteal.  Our “clothie tank” abilities have improved with our powerful shields, but they can still be easily dispelled.  Feral druids are no longer much of a threat to us.  Warriors, DK’s, and Enhance Shamans still seem to be a problem.  We have no real way of escaping their snares and our poor CC ability is easily countered by a Tremor Totem and some other class abilities that can easily break fear.  We can survive a little longer now, thanks to interrupt/silence immunity, but it doesn’t seem to be constant enough.  Once Inner Focus is on cooldown we get squished.  The buff to Penance was much needed and makes it heal for a good amount, but did it really need an increased mana cost?  I’m already struggling with mana due to the outrageous cost of Power Word: Shield.  BTW, Desperate Prayer is so uber now.  It actually heals for more than a fraction of my health.  I would also still like to see some pushback resistance for the priest class.  Having a melee class wail on you and it taking 3 seconds to get off a Flash Heal isn’t exactly my idea of fun.

Well thats it for now.  I’ll be online later trying to farm up the Raven Lord from H Sethekk Halls.  It’s been a pretty vain attempt so far, but I’m feeling pretty lucky today.


>I’m at a Crossroad…

>2 days ago, during our 10-man raid, I broke.

I’ve NEVER quit in the middle of a raid before.  I might have complained, whined, and even cried, but I’ve never flat out quit.  I was feeling many emotions.  I was angry.  I was disappointed.  But most of all I felt like a loser.  A loser that was wasting 2 1/2 hours of my time to some hopeless cause.

Cataslym Raiding is Hard

It’s much harder than ICC has ever been.  With healers no longer having infinite amounts of mana, every mistake really hurts the raid.  EVERY MISTAKE.  We don’t have the luxury of messing up and expecting the healers to make up for it.  Those days are over.  Everyone should be accountable for their mistakes.  Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away.  We need to buckle down and figure out where we went wrong and fix it.

Mistakes are OK, But Only to a Certain Extent

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes.  I’m not perfect.  But I learn and I fix what I’m doing wrong.  Simply ignoring fight mechanics or being oblivious to the surrounding evironment isn’t helping progression.  If the boss is new, this is typical and is acceptable for the first week or so.  But after 3 weeks?  The boss should be dead and the raid should be reaping the rewards.  Especially when the encounter mechanics are fairly simple.

I Can’t Help But Notice…

The same people are making the same mistakes over and over again.  They know who they are, so there is no need to point any fingers.  All I have to say is that what you are doing isn’t fair to the rest of us.  We ALL have had to learn this fight.  We have all watched the videos, made our mistakes, and tweaked our strategies for the better of the raid.  But you have not.  Why?  Why do you continue to do the same thing over and over as stubbornly as a mule?  We don’t have the luxury of “carrying” people.  Your mistakes hurt everyone and you refusing to change your personal strategy is costing everyone progression and achievements.  Is that fair?  Is it fair that you are holding the rest of the team back?  We could be a high end content raiding team, but because you lack the focus or are too ignorant towards an encounter, we are now in the 40’s for server progression when we could be in the top 20.  Over half our team is capable of that feat.  Only 2 maybe 3 people are keeping us from achieving it.

Lag and D/Cing is No Excuse

Once in a while is fine.  Or maybe you were just having a really bad storm and your antenna went out.  Those types of things are understandable.  But if you are contantly d/cing or lagging every raid night or are running at 4 FPS, its no excuse.  You have a seriously bad computer or internet connection which is holding back progression.  Don’t blame Blizzard.  One of my biggest gripes is when players blame Blizzard for their lag/DC issues.  The ones that usually did this are actually no longer in my guild which I’m thankful for.

So Now I’m at a Crossroad

It’s been weighing a bit on my mind.  I’m thinking about switching servers.  I really don’t want to.  I feel I’ve made lifelong friends in my guild and I don’t want to throw it all away.  I love the atmosphere and the people are great.

But I want to see progression.  I want to see endgame content without the hardcore aspects of a guild.  I want to have fun and laugh and just enjoy myself.  I’m not feeling that anymore with my current guild.  Raiding is starting to feel like a chore.  I’m starting to dread it every night.  It’s not fun.  I understand wiping is part of progression and the challenge makes it fun.  But wiping because of ignorance after 3 weeks on the same boss is not my idea of fun.  I think most people would agree.

I don’t know what I’m going to do.  But I will say this.  If something doesn’t change drastically within the next week of raiding, I may no longer be on Team 1, or Caelestraez for that matter.  I also have a feeling I’m not the only one who feels that way, which would be sad.  It would be sad to see a great team break up due to the failures of 2 or 3 people.


>Priest PvP makes me cry T_T

>I mentioned on my earlier post that priests in PvP are just awful and I wanted to touch on it a little further. No wait, scratch that. It’s just plain bad.

I’m no arena junkie, nor have I ever claimed to be. I’m a casual PvPer that enjoys occasional random Battlegrounds. I have extremely limited arena experience. I’ve won a few rounds in Wrath, and lost quite a few more. I have learned that I excel much better at BG’s where I’m not always the focus of the enemy’s attack. I like to have fun in PvP. PvP is no longer very fun to me as a healer.

Blizzard broke healing in PvP by breaking mana costs, cast times, and homogonizing all melee classes. And before you ask, yes this is going to be a QQ/rant post.

Speaking from a healing priest point of view, we are currently the worst healers in the game for PvP and even some DPS classes heal for more than we do.

1. Mana Cost and Cast Times- With the increase to mana costs and the 3-heal strategy that Blizz has implemented for PvE, PvP healing has been greatly affected. The only viable heal we currently have is Flash Heal which is extremely expensive. Heal and Greater Heal cast times are extremely brutal in a PvP environment. The 2.3 second cast times are like an eternity and are easily locked out by opposing players.

2. Dispels- Discipline priests in paticular are greatly affected by this. Dispels are out of control. Every time I go into a BG, there is a mage or shaman running around Spellstealing or Purging everything off of everyone. Our shields are extremely vulnurable to dispels and make up for our lack of throughput. Back in Wrath, priests had dispel resistance, which made us very viable for arenas and BG’s. It’s time to reintroduce the concept. Nerfing Purge by 1 dispel effect isn’t enough. A cooldown needs to be implemented or priests need dispel resistance. What’s surprising is that they didn’t even touch mage’s Spellsteal. A mage wearing Mage Armor and spamming Spellsteal never goes OOM.

3. The Days of the Clothie Tanks Are Gone- Priests use to be what we called “clothie tanks”. In Wrath, this was true. Priests could tank multiple DPS classes at once. Our shields were strong, heals were quick and efficient, and we had dispel resistance. This is no longer the case. We get eaten alive by most melee class. Death knights, warriors, feral druids, you name it and they can kill us within 15 seconds with CD’s popped all by themselves. Paladins and rogues for some reason don’t seem to be that bad. I’m not sure why this is. A skilled rogue can be a problem, but paladins are really only a threat if they pop Avenging Wrath which is easily dispelled.

4. Did all melee classes REALLY need an interrupt?- Rebuke and Skullbash are a few of the new interrupts some melee classes have. Now every melee class has an interrupt. Feral druids are currently unstoppable. If you have one on you, you’re pretty much dead unless a dps can CC him off you, and even that is pretty sketchy since ferals can break fear, immune to polymorph, break roots, etc. The only legit CC is Cyclone, which another druid needs to be nearby. With cast times being so long and priests not having any way to remove snare effects we are extremely vulnerable to interrupts. And because Blizzard thought it was a brilliant idea to give all melee classes an interrupt of some kind, it pretty much makes it impossible to heal through.

5. Psychic Scream only works 10% of the time- Seriously, half the time its either resisted or it misses. The “missing” part doesn’t bother me since I’m not hit-capped, but I do have spell penetration, yet most of the time its resisted and has an agonizing 30 second cooldown. This is our only efficient way to CC, other than Mind Control which has an unbearable cast time and is easily interrupted.

6. Penance Doesn’t Heal For Squat- It heals for a little more than it did in Wrath. It heals for about 15k with no crits total and has a long 10 second cooldown. It’s also vulnerable to interrupts, being a channeled spell. Other than Prayer of Mending (which requires you to take damage to even work), Disc priests don’t have a reliable instant cast spell like Holy Shock, Riptide, or Swiftmend. ALL spells are vulnerable to interrupts or counterspells. Desperate Prayer is nice, but its on a lengthy 2 min cooldown and doesn’t heal for much.

Patch 4.0.6 will fix a few but not ALL the problems we are experiencing

There are a few things to look forward to with the new patch for PvP.

-Desperate Prayer is getting a huge and much needed buff
-Penance is getting buffed by 20%, but the mana cost is increased by 7%
-Ferals are getting nerfed to the ground. They won’t be able to break fear anymore and they can’t escape root effects (snares will still be able to be broken)
-Strength of Soul is being homogonized with Inner Focus to give us interrupt and silence immunity for 4 seconds every 45 seconds
-Purge has been nerfed to only dispel 1 effect instead of 2
-Mana Drain is being removed from the game (sorry locks!)
-Strength of Soul is now being affected by Flash Heal and Greater Heal, so we can shield more often
-Power Word: Shield is seeing a huge buff (22k-24k shields), but the mana cost has skyrocketed as well
-Renew’s mana cost has been reduced by a decent amount
-A new glyph called Glyph of Prayer of Mending is a new attractive PvP/PvE glyph that buffs your initial charge by 60%

What I’d like to see in a future patch:
-A new or improved Penance. It’s just too vulnerable to interrupts right now to be very viable. Holy Word: Serenity is much better. Maybe make Penance be able to be cast while moving.
-Mana cost reduction to our shadow spells. Mind Spike can get costly to spam and our DoT spells are extremely expensive making it impossible to cast them without a serious mana penalty, especially since they are extremely weak. Druid DoT’s have come down in mana cost greatly, why can’t our shadow spells do the same?
-Priests don’t really have any “free cast” dps ability. Druids have a free cast Wrath which is extremely efficient with their DoTs. Shamans get mana back by casting Lightning Bolt and Pallies can infinitely cast Excorcism if specc’d apporopriately. We lack in mana-free offensive abilities.
-Another nerf to offensive dispels for all classes. I’d like to see most offensive dispels to be made with a 15 second cooldown. Mages will keep running around spamming spellsteal with no penalties. Shamans will continue to spam Purge. Even priests need a nerf for our own dispel ability.
-Some type of talent in the Disc tree to make Fade remove snares, as it does for Shadow. Hamstring, Chains, etc are absolutely brutal for us. We have no way of removing snares. Pallies have HoF, druids can shapeshift, and shamans go Ghost Wolf. Meanwhile, we get eaten alive.

Well thats about all the issues I can think of for now. I can’t wait for the patch to hit tomorrow so I can test out some of the changes.


>4.0.6 is almost here!

>Well, according to MMO-Champion Patch 4.0.6 is set to be released this Tuesday and there are a few changes priests should know about for both Discipline and Holy. Don’t worry we aren’t getting nerfed! They are good changes for both PvE and PvP!

I’m just going to highlight the “priest-only” changes that we will be seeing.

-The mana cost for Renew has been reduced by 24%

I’m happy to see Renew get a reduction. Expect to see the cost jump down to about 2500 from 3200 with talents. This will make it a little bit more appealing to occasionally toss out a Renew on raid members. Currently I only use Renew mainly for tank healing because its expensive and doesn’t heal for alot as Holy and I don’t use it at all for Discipline. I might decide to glyph for it again depending on how well it works for us in raids.

-Desperate Prayer now heals the priest for 30% of their total health, up from a very subpar value

PvP priests rejoice everywhere! Blizzard has answered our cries and blessed us with this MUST-HAVE talent for PvP healing priests everywhere! On Live, it heals for a paultry 10k health which is practically nothing compared to our vast health pools. I’m hearing it is healing for about 40k and crits for 60k on the PTR which is a MAJOR improvement.

-Chakra now lasts 1 minute, up from 30 seconds

I’ll have to test this out when the patch hits. With Chakra now lasting a minute and with the cooldown being 30 seconds, I’m finding a hard time trying to justify points in State of Mind. I see the points being more valuable elsewhere, maybe in Veiled Shadows or Inner Sanctum?

-Holy Word: Chastise now has a 30 second cooldown, up from 25. In addition, it properly breaks from damage

I don’t really see what the need was for an increased cooldown of this ability. Talented it was at about 18.5 seconds. The “not breaking from damage” was probably needed to keep it in line with other disorient abilities, but a longer cooldown? Are we really that OP Blizzard? Expect the cooldown to be increased by 2.5 seconds when properly talented to a 21 second cooldown.

-The mana cost of Power Word: Shield has been increased by approximately 31%, but its effect has been increased by 208%

This is mainly for Discipline priests, but Holy priests should take note that the changes might make Power Word: Shield a more attractive ability to cast other than for the B&S talent. On the PTR, shields are holding for about 22k-24k depending on your spellpower for Discipline priests, which is about twice as much as what they are currently holding for. Be wary though, that currently on Live with proper talents, PW: S costs a little over 3500 mana. With this change, we are looking at a mana cost of at least 4600, so the spell is still not spammable by any stretch. This change should help priests in PvP perform a bit better.

-Glyph of Spirit of Redemption has been converted into Glyph of Prayer of Mending, which increases the healing done by the first charge of Prayer of Mending by 60%

Love this change. Prayer of Mending is my favorite spell in the priest’s healing arsenal. It’s unique and watching it bounce around makes me a happy priest. Buffing the initial charge will help in PvP as well as PvE.

-Surge of Light can now also proc from Flash Heal and Greater Heal and can now also critically heal

I have always been an advocate for the Surge of Light talent and this just makes it all the more sexy. Being able to proc from our large heals as well as our cheap-slow heal makes it even more viable than it currently is.

-Serendipity now has Spell Alert and Floating Combat Text feedback support

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for something like this. Do you know how many times I’ve missed out on Serendipity stacks because I have to try to find the little icon in the upper right corner? Too many.

-Holy Concentration now increases the amount of mana regeneration from Spirit while in combat by an additional 15/30%, down from 20/40%

I was waiting for this change to take effect. Currently, Holy priest mana regen is a little OP. Alot of priests were forgoing intellect altogether and were stacking spirit. Hopefully this puts a stop to that.

Well thats it for now. As for PvE, I think priests are in a very good place right now. PvP is currently very bad for us though, especially for Discipline. I’ve been doing BG’s for a few weeks now and I can’t tell you how painful it is to have a shaman spamming Purge or a Mage spamming Spellsteal basically nullifying our already pitiful shields. Then we basically get eaten alive. I’m hoping for some dispel immunities or resistances in the upcoming patch. I do know they are making a change to Inner Focus, but I’m not sure that will be enough. We will wait and see I guess.