>I Hate Chakra Right Now

>There has been a TON of QQ on the forums about our Chakra mechanic. Questions like, “Why is there a cooldown?” “Why should I be penalized if I hit the wrong spell and get stuck in the wrong state for 30 seconds?” have plagued the forums to the point where Blizzard is looking at the mechanic very closely. Some suggestions have been made by players.

1. Make Chakra a Stance (like a warrior).

Most players would probably like to see this take effect. Unfortunately, GC replied saying why even bother with a Chakra state if its that simple to switch in and out of the mechanic. He says Chakra is supposed to make priests think and know what the mechanics of a fight call for and to make a decision on what state is best for your needs. I have a problem with this statement.

No other healer class has to “think and know” what mechanics are needed for a boss fight immediately. Shamans, Druids, Paladins, and yes even Disc priests always have their complete arsenal of healing spells, abilities, and bonuses available to them 100% of the time. Seriously? Why are Holy priests the only healing class that has to research a fight ahead of time and think “Hmmm I think my single target state might be more beneficial for this part of the fight, but when he does this attack I need to switch to my AoE state, I just hope its off cooldown.” And there’in lies the problem.

The cooldown of Chakra is too high. If we hit the wrong spell and activate the wrong Chakra, there is no way to “undo” it until it comes off cooldown. A Holy priest might slip into the wrong state (I am guilty of this) by casting Prayer of Mending on the tank when I’m supposed to be the tank healer, and now I’m stuck in my AoE chakra state. By doing this, I lose out on the extra 10% crit that my Serenity state provides as well as the auto refresh to Renew. Other healers don’t have to worry about this problem.

/end rant


One thought on “>I Hate Chakra Right Now

  1. I totally agreed with you, now being holy is such a complicated chore. And looks like chakra makes all things too much complicated. With zoo many procs going on at the same time and mechanics running around wild, I just wonder how Are we supposed to heal when we are looking at the action bar just to check out this things.

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