>Gems, Gear, and Stats for the Raiding Priest

>Another day, another Heroic Magister’s Terrace done with NO Orb of the Sindorei or White Hawkstrider chicken thing. Sigh. I love the way female Blood Elves cast and I WISH my guild was a Horde guild, but alas, the Orb is the second best thing.

Today I’m going to talk about the type of gear, gems, and stats both types of priests will want to look for on their gear. I’m not going to go into detail with all the math and theorycrafting. If you want that stuff, check out Elitist Jerks or Derevka over at Tales of a Priest for more details.

Holy Priest


Intellect > Spirit > Haste (until 12.5% with raid buffs/racials) > Mastery > Extra Haste > Crit

These are the stats that raiding priests should look for on gear. Intellect and spirit are invaluable right now, and every piece of gear you have should have both on it. With mana being costly, we need to make sure our longevity is guaranteed for fights, especially since priests have some of the more expensive spells out of all healer classes. Intellect provides us with spellpower, a larger mana pool that increases our regen by a small amount, and a marginal amount of crit rating. This is the main reason why crit isn’t sought after by Holy priests.

Haste is a different monster. Haste reduces the cast time of your spells and reduces the ticks for your HoTs like Renew, allowing you to cast more spells in the same amount of time. With the way haste is designed, you can squeeze out an extra Renew tick at the magical 12.5% haste “soft cap” right now and being that this cap isn’t hard to hit for priests with the proper raid buffs and talents and is more valuable than other stats initially.

“Soft” Haste Cap: 12.5%

So depending on what buffs are available, your haste could be more than what is reflected on your character sheet. Blizz has stated they are fixing this with patch 4.0.6.

Goblin Racial: 1%
1-3 points in Darkness talent: 1-3%
Moonkin/Shadow Priest/Shaman Totem buff: 5%

So, if you are a Goblin Holy priest with 3 points in Darkness and you run with a Moonkin, your haste cap would be 3.5% for the extra Renew tick. After that cap, haste has a reduced value and takes a backseat to Mastery.

Holy priest’s Mastery “Echo of Light” puts a HoT on the target for each direct heal and heals the target for X amount over 6 seconds. This stat is a pure throughput stat and is the best stat after you hit your personal haste cap.

Crit rating is the red headed step child for Holy priests. Due to Holy Word: Serenity, tank healing priests don’t value crit as a necessary stat due to the 10% crit chance from our Chakra stance and our 25% additional crit chance from our instant cast heal. Also, heavy amounts of intellect provide the crit we need.

So right now on my Draenei priest I have 6.81% haste rating and about 12 points of mastery which equals about a 16% HoT. I have 3 points in Darkness and we run with an Elemental shaman, so my personal haste cap is 4.5%. Clearly I am way over, but I have reforged all my haste available to Mastery and gemmed for Mastery as well. I could take 2 points out of Darkness and put them somewhere else, but right now I think the added throughput that the extra haste provides is the best stat right now.

Gemming your Holy priest:

Red- Brilliant Inferno Ruby- Pure Intellect
Blue- Purified Demonseye- Intellect/Spirit
Yellow- Artful Ember Topaz- Intellect/Mastery (if your haste capped, if not Reckless Ember Topaz- Intellect/Haste)

Meta- Ember Shadowspirit Diamond

Gearing Priority and Reforging:

Intellect- All cloth gear has this stat.
Spirit- Every piece of cloth gear you have should have some spirit on it. If not, reforge Crit to Spirit first. If the item doesn’t have Crit, reforge Mastery to Spirit if you’re not Haste capped. If you are Haste capped, reforge the Haste to Spirit.
Haste- If you are Haste capped, reforge all extra Haste to Mastery. If you are not Haste capped, reforge all Crit FIRST to Haste. If still not at Haste cap, then continue with reforging Mastery.
Mastery- Reforge all extra Haste rating and Crit rating (when you can’t reforge a stat to Spirit) to Mastery.
Crit Rating- Reforge to Spirit first. If Spirit is already on gear, reforge to Haste until Haste capped. If Haste capped, reforge to Mastery.
Hit- Sometimes there are a few pieces that are a huge upgrade over that POS 318 wand that you just replaced with Corla’s Baton in Blackrock Caverns and it has hit on it. Stat-wise, its much better because of the intellect boost. Hit gear will never have Spirit on it, so feel free to reforge ALL hit gear to Spirit. I personally have 2 pieces of hit gear right now, mainly because I haven’t been able to get anything better. As long as you don’t have OODLES of hit, you should be fine.

Discipline Priest

Disc priests are a bit different with gearing priority and stat priority.


Intellect > Spirit > Crit > Haste > Mastery

Intellect and Spirit are need for longevity and throughput. Crit is important because it proc’s Divine Aegis which increases the Disc priests tank healing abilities. Because of this talent, it gets pushed ahead of Haste and Mastery.

Haste isn’t as important if you are tank healing, which is what Disc priests excel at. If you are made a raid healer, Haste becomes more important than Crit and Crit actually drops below Mastery.

Mastery is a subpar stat for Disc priests right now. Without the ability to spam PW: S Mastery is really only beneficial to our Divine Aegis proc, and even that is fairly unreliable right now unless you are raid healing with Prayer of Healing. It’s best to just increase your throughput with Crit and Haste.


Red- Brilliant Inferno Ruby- Pure Intellect
Blue- Purified Demonseye- Intellect/Spirit
Yellow- Potent Ember Topaz- Intellect/Crit

Meta- Ember Shadowspirit Diamond

Gearing Priority and Reforging:

Intellect- All cloth gear have this stat.
Spirit- Make sure all gear has Spirit on it. If not, reforge Mastery to Spirit first. If the item lacks Mastery, reforge Haste to Spirit.
Crit Rating- This is your primary stat after spirit. Reforge all Mastery rating to Crit if Spirit is already on the item.
Haste- Reforge to Spirit if none is present on item. If so, reforge to Crit.
Mastery- Reforge Mastery to Spirit FIRST if none is present, then reforge to Crit.
Hit- Reforge any Hit gear to Spirit. All Hit gear lack Spirit.

I tried to make it as easy as possible. Feel free to ask me any questions.


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