>Glyphs for 4.0

>Along with Cataclysm, we are seeing a greatly revised glyph system.  Currently on live servers, we have Major and Minor glyphs.  Cataclysm will add another type of glyph called Prime glyphs.  Blizzards intention with these paticular glyphs is to make your character more unique.  Alot of these glyphs have special pve or pvp benefits and aren’t mandatory to make your character shine in a pve or pvp environment.  Here’s a look at the glyphs offered for priests.  As this is the Beta, they are subject to change.

Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Circle of Healing– Currently one of our Major glyphs on live servers.  It is unchanged and is still a great choice for Holy priests.
Glyph of Dispel Magic– More valuable in PvP than in PvE.
Glyph of Fade– Not something a Holy or Discipline priest should take.  However, it can be extremely powerful for our Shadow brethren in PvP when combined with Phantasm.
Glyph of Fear Ward– A nice PvP glyph to have when fighting against warlocks, warriors, and other priests.
Glyph of Holy Nova– A valuable glyph for Holy or Disc priests for PvE or PvP.  Holy priests in paticular would benefit the most from this glyph through Chakra (Revelations-Prayer of Healing).
Glyph of Hymn of Hope– Currently the tooltip says “Increases your chance to hit with Smite by 18%”.  This glyph will most likely be renamed.  With Blizzard pressuring priests to Smite, this glyph will seem mandatory for any Evangelism/Archangel Holy/Disc build.
Glyph of Inner Fire– Unchanged from the current glyph of live servers.  Great for any PvP priest.
Glyph of Mass Dispel– With Disc priests losing Focused Power in their talent tree, Blizzard made it into a glyph.  A situational glyph that could be good in PvE or PvP.
Glyph of Mind Control– I believe the tooltip on this glyph is correct, but expect it to be renamed.  Strictly for Shadow PvP.
Glyph of Mind Sear– Again, I’m not sure if the name is incorrect or if the tooltip is wrong.  If the tooltip is correct, then this would be a good leveling glyph for any priest.  I would stay away from it in endgame content.
Glyph of Pain Suppression– Unchanged from the current Major glyph.  Great for Disc PvP.
Glyph of Psychic Scream– An amazing crowd control glyph.  Now we don’t have to worry about fearing targets into other mobs.  Since crowd control will be mandatory in Cataclysm, this is a must-have for any Shadow priest.  Not as necessary for Holy/Disc priests since your dps classes should be doing the CC’ing.
Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment– A fairly lackluster glyph in my opinion.  Would have been nice in Wrath, but it’s all about the Elements now.  Undead are so 2008.
Glyph of Smite– Unchanged from the current Major glyph.  Great for Disc/Holy leveling priests.
Glyph of Spirit of Redemption– Completely based on whether a Holy priest thinks Spirit of Redemption is a worthwhile talent.  Might be good for PvE, not that great for PvP.

Major Glyphs

Glyph of Dispersion– Strictly a Shadow PvP glyph.
Glyph of Flash Heal– Valuable for Holy or Disc priests in a PvE or PvP environment.  This is a Disc priest must-have glyph.
Glyph of Guardian Spirit– A must-have for Holy Priests in a PvE environment.
Glyph of Lightwell– Just don’t do it.
Glyph of Mindflay– Unchanged and mandatory for Shadow priests.
Glyph of Penance– Unchanged, mandatory for Disc priests.
Glyph of Power Word: Shield– Unchanged, mandatory for Disc priests.
Glyph of Prayer of Healing– Unchanged, mandatory for Holy priests, optional for Disc.  Not good for Shadow.
Glyph of Renew– Unchanged, great for Holy priests, lackluster for Disc and unacceptable for Shadow.
Glyph of Shadow– The tooltip suggests that this glyph is for Power Word: Barrier.  If the tooltip is correct, then this is a great glyph for Disc priests only.
Glyph of Shadow Word: Death– I’m not quite sure how this will play out in an endgame PvE environment, but I can see this being fantastic for PvP and leveling.
Glyph of Shadow Word: Pain– Mandatory for Shadow priests only.

Minor Glyphs

There are no new Minor Glyphs at this time.

So, we have quite a few options to make our priests unique.  It’s great to see Blizzard focus on increased crowd control through glyphs and talents.  Currently, most H dungeons are chain pulled and AoE’d down, limiting the challenge of the instance.  From videos I’ve seen on the Beta, CC will absolutely be mandatory in Cataclysm.

Next time, we will roll through some of the changes Holy paladins are going through, including the “Holy Power” mechanic.


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