>Hello all!  My name is Lunarsoul (Lunar for short) and I play a Holy priest and Holy paladin on the server Caelestrasz.  There is just something about these 2 specific class spec’s that I just love.  No offense to restoration shamans and druids cause I’ve played them as well, and they have their own niches to fill.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for the Light.

As I was saying before, I play on the Oceanic server of Caelestrasz.  It is a PVE realm and isn’t considered hardcore by PVE standards.  I’m in an Alliance progression raiding guild that raids a few nights a week together.  The rest of the time is spent pvping on my priest, paladin, or my new Horde mage (that I absolutely have fallen in love with).

As far as progression goes, my guild has been much more successful at 10-man’s than 25-man’s.  We have 3 raiding teams and 2 of those teams have downed the LK normal mode.  Team 1 (my team) is currently working on H modes of ICC and we are currently 6/12 (Blood Council is on notice).

In my next post, I would like to go over Holy priests, what they are strong at, what they are lacking, and what is yet to come for Cataclysm.


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